01/02/2015: A Meeting With Reader Erik

The Still Center

The Still Center

MELBOURNE, FL — #Technique #Encounters

9:14 AM

Yesterday, in the afternoon, I met up with reader Erik at a closed Starbucks and we sat on the patio chairs and talked for a couple of hours. Though he rarely comments on the blog, he’s followed my work since 2005 when Bill Harris of Holosync fame reviewed my book, Fading Toward Enlightenment.

Erik’s spiritual life reminded me much of my own when I was a seeker—he is a very smart and motivated guy and because of this he consumes serious spiritual works like many people consume nighttime TV shows.

Much like myself, he almost knows too much stuff—all that knowledge creating a sort of mental whirlwind in his mind.

It was this image of a whirlwind, and a passage I wrote to Michelle earlier that day, that culminated in a piece of advice that I/She/We passed on.

The passage to Michelle:

 While you’re listening for Her whispers during your day-to-day activities, I want you to also CONSTANTLY be looking for yourself/Witness/Emptiness:

From http://mysticsjournal.com/november-29-2014/ in reference to you-as-the-Witness (quote from Adya’s book):

“…each of us can touch upon that intuition that there’s something about us that is unchanged. Throughout all of the ups and downs and changes of life, something is now as it ever was. To touch upon this is to begin to experience eternity within.”

The image I sought to convey to Erik:

To imagine all this (waving my hand to the outside world), is all swirling about you-as-a-still-point in the center of this whirlwind. All this stuff—even your thoughts and emotions—are just inconsequential stuff whirling about you-as-you-have-always-been: A point of constant stillness (the Witness). Learn to flow with this dynamic, but inconsequential outer movement, like a leaf flowing on the river Tao: Separate but one. When you’re not flowing—when you’re clinging or trying to control—use that felt contraction as a reminder and return to the stillness-that-you-are amid the constantly flowing Tao.

It took us a couple hours to get to this point, and the above is not what I said, as much as it is what I was trying to convey, but once we got to that point, I/She/We knew it was time to shut up and go home and let it all sink into Erik’s being.

Unlike encounters with “normal” people (which are often quite exhausting when you talk about this stuff), I left the encounter feeling very energized. I can think of three reasons for this:

  • Erik was knowledgable. I didn’t have to explain my vocabulary and concepts.
  • Erik was receptive. He wasn’t trying to prove any points or theories.
  • There was some sort of transmission thing happening (particularly at the end). I was left feeling lighter and clearer—as if I had given away something. Note: I’ve experienced this before and have found these “transmissions” are most powerful in person, weaker but still present over the phone or video chats, and—sadly—almost nonexistent in written exchanges.

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