01/03/2015: The Witness of Forever

Seagulls Awhirl

Seagulls Awhirl

MELBOURNE, FL — #Death #Soul #MyLove

9:24 AM

As I fell asleep last night, I wondered where I’d go when I dreamed.

In the dream, I was there, but all my memories were gone.

In the dream, I recognized my brother, but had no memory of my mother.

In the dream, I was the Witness to the whirlwind of the mind/dream.

In the dream, I felt the same as I do outside the dream.

In the dream, I had the same values.

In the dream, I was the same “me.”

Every dream I’ve ever had was like this. The whirlwind is different—just as it is in waking life—but I-as-the-still-point-in-the-center-of-the-storm am always the same. I am always the same.

I suspect it’s like this for everyone.

I’m certain that when this body dies, I-as-the-still-point will continue on. Just like in a dream. Just like in the waking state.

And just like in the dream, when I take on a new life, I’ll have no memories of my mother (or brother or anyone else from this life)… but I will still be the same. I’ll still have the same values. I’ll still feel like me.

I am the still point in the center of the ever changing Tao.

I am the Witness of Forever.

Everyone is.

The whirlwinds are different, the center of our storms are located in different places, but we’re all the same—a still point amidst the ever changing Tao.

We’re all Witnesses of Forever.

At the center of our whirlwinds, we are all the eyes of TaoGodHer perceiving Herself.

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One thought on “01/03/2015: The Witness of Forever

  1. Dreams could be our unconscious liberated voice that needed to be expressed in the physical. Osho says all dreams are substitutes and all thinking also, because thinking is dreaming while awake, dreaming is thinking while asleep. “They are not qualitatively different, they are the same process. If you can understand dreaming, you will be able to understand thinking.” awakening the i = eye witness

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