12/20/2014: A Road Trip and a Resolution

Egrets on the Hunt

Egrets on the Hunt

VALKARIA, FL — #VanDwelling

10:04 AM

I sit in the van, watching the ducks, grebes, and other waterfowl float upon the quiet and still Indian River. Even though cars and trucks pass by not 20 feet from the van, it’s still quite pleasant here. With no appointments on the agenda nor pressing tasks to help out with, I headed out after breakfast to idly explore the area for a day or two.

It’s moments like these that I am so appreciative of the freedom that van dwelling provides: No plan, no destination, no reservations, no concerns… and a home wherever I go.

I had an odd thought last night as I lay in bed: If the world only had a thousand people in it, the news outlets (TV, print, online) would still be filled with violence and tragedy and misery. The news media would still make the world appear like it was a horrible place to live.

Thinking back, I have personally witnessed less than a handful of newsworthy violent events over the course of my entire life. I see three times that many in a single night of watching the news.

With only a thousand people on this planet, the news would still be filled with violence.

The news is a massive exaggeration of Reality. Even with only a thousand people on the planet, Man would still do unspeakable horrors to his fellow Man. Society will always have violence, but I so rarely see or experience this violence first-hand that it’s not worth my time, psychic energy, or inner peace. I don’t want to stick my head in the sand, but I do want to be realistic. The news is not a realistic view of Reality.

My New Year’s Resolution: No intentional news consumption.

I’ll get my bad news the old fashioned way: Word of mouth.

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4 thoughts on “12/20/2014: A Road Trip and a Resolution

  1. I have done this years ago, 1990 I think (at that time background for it was not so much spiritual). The same realisation, what is important, will come to you. No need to fill yourself with mediatrash.
    Additional benefit, as media is based on some of the lowest humen impulses (gossip and gloating over someones elses missery), you cleanse yourself living like that.
    I remember, after few years I noticed that I have evolved a trashdar, I imediatelly knew what is goodintentioned and what is just verbal and mental morrast. I was living more and more in pureness (I am not sure how to put it in english).
    I never regreted my decision!

  2. For the past few years I’ve got the news via word of mouth. It sounds the same each week. Lately I’ve been catching the odd little bit and still haven’t found cause to sit and watch it like my family. Something I’ve started doing recently is paying attention to the updates that matter to me(not from main news providers).

    I believe obscuring the media is good for you. They cover only a small slice of what is going on globally and will try to stay within the area of human activity.

    I am now finding places(on the internet) to go that update me on what I’d like to hear about as a kind of news channel. I have found this to be a good idea, after being disconnected from the media for 3 – 4 years.

    Good Luck wayne,
    Peace and Blessing from the Divine.

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