12/23/2014: Mental Conditioning and Near Death Experiences

A Foggy Morning Outside My Home

A Foggy Morning Outside My Home

MELBOURNE, FL — #Death #Emptiness #Journaling #Soul

6:54 AM

I awoke and gazed out the window to a foggy morning. I was content (as I expect most people are on first awakening) and before my mind could kick in, I searched the present moment: The softness of the sheets; The cool air on my exposed skin; The street light illuminating the fog; The stiffness of muscles idle too long.

Soon though, my mind kicked in with questions of the future: Where should I go today? What should I do? Where will I eat?

And the Present was lost.

8:37 AM

I’ve read that as we age—as we adopt habitual thinking patterns—physical grooves form in the brain as a result of those thinking habits.

Our thought patterns are physically etched into our brain.

No wonder it is so hard to change our thought processes—to change:

I wish the famous enlightened teachers blogged about their personal lives and thoughts. I’m sure it would help dispel the mythologies of instant enlightenment, abiding nondual awareness, and permanent bliss.

Spiritual transparency doesn’t sell very well, but it would be a huge benefit for serious spiritual seekers.

9:03 AM

Last night, Mom was telling me of how my cousin Donna had died recently and had been revived. I asked if Donna had any recollection of the experience, but she did not.

I was then hit with this powerful insight:

If only a few people experience near death experiences (NDEs), then this evidence discredits pretty much all scientific explanations which state that the experience of a tunnel and light is just the results of chemical reactions in a dying brain.


Why? Basic scientific method: A theory must be supported by repeatable scientific experiments that produce consistent results.

If everyone who died and was revived saw the light and the tunnel, then that would support the “chemical reactions” theory—but everyone doesn’t experience these visions.

My father died and didn’t experience anything. Donna (above) died and didn’t experience anything. But, and this is even better evidence, a guy I met in New Mexico a couple years ago told me he had died twice (and was revived obviously). I asked him if he experienced anything during those episodes and after pushing through his hesitancy, he said on the first one he did not, but on the second one he did.

My theory (and this is supported by a huge collection of evidence) is that when we die, we-as-a-Soul detach from these bodies—but it is a mistake to assume that this detachment happens right away (as in the case of people who don’t experience any “visions”). The “Soul-detachment” may happen later. According to some Tibetan death rituals, it could be days later. (From the above article: “A person can remain in this state of lucid vacuity for up to three days”.)

My point: If NDEs were the result of chemical reactions in the brain as a result of a lack of oxygen (as is the case of almost all death/revivals), then everyone should experience the visions. The experiment must be repeatable and produce consistent results, and in the case of these scientific “explanations,” the results are not consistent, ergo their theory is flawed.

I may be a mystic, but I’m a rational one.

Note: Here’s an article that states that NDEs are a result of neural chemical reactions in the dying brain. This is the key sentence:

The team found several signs of conscious activity in all nine of the dying rats’ brains.

All nine of the rats produced the same results. All of them. That’s sound scientific evidence—but further up in the article it says:

In fact, some estimates say that almost 20 percent of people who survive cardiac arrest — where blood effectively stops flowing and the brain becomes starved of the oxygen it needs — report such near-death experiences.

Only 20% of people who had these types of deaths (simulated in the rat experiment) experienced NDEs.

That is not consistent with the results of the experiment. According to their theory, everyone should experience NDEs since all of the rats had these neural chemical reactions. This means that for people, it shouldn’t be just the 20% who do experience the visions, but also the other 80% who don’t.

This scientific “explanation” does not match the real-world data (and I know of no experiments that do).

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