12/25/2014: The Joy of Eternal Being

Mystical Oneness Outline

Mystical Oneness Outline

MELBOURNE, FL — #LivingIt #Technique #NoSelf #Emptiness

9:48 AM

I created a brief outline yesterday of my latest book on Mystical Oneness, but now, as I sit here on the patio contemplating a direction, I wonder if the book is a sneaky distraction generated by my Shadow’s fear of facing its self demise—that maybe I should be taking this Florida situation with family and society as an opportunity to practice “The Joy of Eternal Being.”

The Joy of Eternal Being is what I’m calling this current phase of my practice, of my spiritual growth/self demise (less of me = more of Her) and it entails all the little practices/insights I’ve been “downloaded with” lately (I love that term of Adya’s):

By calling the practice The Joy of Eternal Being, I’m hoping that the phrase will stick and be enough to help me feel all of the above concepts without needing to remember them individually or, more importantly, over-thinking them.

So maybe I’ll just tinker with the book right now, and not try to write it:

Yeah, focus on the Joy and just tinker.

Not a bad philosophy of life when you think about it.

Focus on the Joy of Being and just tinker with everything else.

3:07 PM

After having a Christmas lunch with Mom and Dad (at Dad’s rehab center), I went to a park and watched a video sent to me by fellow nomad Randy about the illusion of the self (by Sam Harris of Waking Up).

Harris distills some key points from Vedanta and Buddhism on seeing through the self (of which I’m in 100% agreement)—but he is a perfect example of what I often call a Fundamental Nondualist in his exclusive focus on Emptiness and Mind. This didn’t come as a surprise when I found he is a hard-core atheist.

I wonder if his atheistic attitude would change if he experienced ongoing synchronistic events? Would he come to the same conclusion I did? That there must be an overarching intelligence (TaoGodHer) operating behind the scenes?

Not knowing him other than some brief research, maybe I have him pegged wrong, maybe he is simply anti-religion, but is open to Cosmic Consciousness? Dunno and don’t feel like digging deeper right now.

Since he doesn’t seem to experience these synchronistic events (I’m guessing, as a brief look at his blog didn’t reveal any day-to-day accounts (big surprise)), then this supports my theory that awakening is more than just “figuring it out” (rational, Emptiness quality)—that it has to be a lived experience (Eternal quality) and and an emotional one also (Radiant quality). That all aspects (mental, physical, emotional) have to be integrated for TaoGodHer to wake up within one’s life.

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