12/30/2014: Blog to Ebook Decisions

Retail Overload

Retail Overload

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9:41 AM

I’m working on the various tasks needed to create an ebook of this journal. The plan is to consolidate and create an ebook for the previous month’s entries every month. At the end of next year (assuming I’m still doing this), I’ll consolidate all of 2015’s entries into a single collection. This being the first “month” (I’m including the partial November 2014 in this volume) there are a lot of tasks and decisions and unknowns involved…

  • Do I use the same cover image each month and just change the dates? (ie: A Mystic’s Journal: November 2014 – December 2014 )
  • Do I include the Introduction and About Me every month?
  • How much do I sell them for?
  • Do I sell them just on Amazon, or on the other providers also?
  • Do I create a printed version?

I have a couple reasons for creating these ebooks:

  • Ebooks are much easier to digest a large amount of content than websites are
  • Ebooks allow readers to highlight the text and add personal notes. This is particularly useful for spiritual seekers (example 1example 2).
  • Ebooks can be read at leisure
  • Ebooks are portable
  • Retailers help expose my work to new readers
  • When I die, the websites may die with me. The ebooks won’t.

Ultimately, I want this to be as painless a process as possible. I’m far more interested in creating content than I am in creating products. So with that in mind, I think a lot of the above decisions will be easier to make.

10:07 AM

Well that was easy. My decisions:

  • Cover: Use the same cover image for an entire year’s worth of ebooks, and just change the date. Not only does this save time and effort, it makes it immediately apparent which monthly ebooks belong to which year’s series.
  • Re-use the same Introduction and About Me (and any other front matter). By keeping these in a separate group/folder in Ulysses, they will be easy to insert into each ebook.
  • Sell them for about $1 if possible (need to research Amazon’s restrictions). I’m more interested in getting them out there than making money off them.
  • Sell the monthly versions only on Amazon. If/when I create yearly versions (12 ebooks consolidated into one), then I can sell those on B&N’s Nook and Apple’s iBooks.
  • Printed versions? Probably makes sense to wait for the yearly version as the price will need to be much higher and the complexity is much greater. Use Amazon’s CreateSpace (print on demand service) for this.

4:27 PM

I picked up six Hawaiian shirts for 18 bucks at the local Goodwill. Perfect condition too. Six for about half the price of a single shirt from a typical retail store—and supporting a good cause to boot. I figure if I’m going to be forced to wear a burka, I might as well embrace my Conch (Florida Keys) heritage.

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One thought on “12/30/2014: Blog to Ebook Decisions

  1. I like the yearly photo idea for the cover. Taking a new picture for each year will make the years easily identifiable.

    For blog readers will there be anything new? I’m hoping there is 🙂

    I need to remember to apply your burka concept. Living as the light shining out wholly not interrupted isn’t quiet accurate with ego in the way. In reality only a sliver of light shines past the ego, making the burka an ideal practice to uphold.

    Peace and Blessings

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