Contentment and the Empty Room

Physical and Virtual Reality

Physical and Virtual Reality

MELBOURNE, FL — #Technique #Remember #Emptiness

January 31, 2015 2:58 PM

At various times over the day, I checked in on my happiness level and found that yes, only when I’m taking the mental noise too seriously is when I’m not feeling happy (content is probably the more appropriate word).

First thing this morning I spilled coffee on my foot as I juggled too much stuff while trying to unlock my parents’ front door. Then I unwrapped my breakfast sandwich and saw McD’s had screwed up my order. Neither of these situations caused me any aggravation, because as soon as I saw the mind spooling up to be pissed, I focused on Physical Reality.

I focused on the present moment (reality) rather than the noise in my mind.

This didn’t last long though, as I rapidly contracted when I found myself defending my actions to my mother who doesn’t agree with many of my lifestyle decisions. Not anger, just frustration while trying to explain myself. But as soon as I saw this, saw how the noise in my mind was causing the feeling of frustration, I was able to let it go, shift my attention to the physical world (the table, the pressure of the chair, …) and contentment—the stillness that all the mental noise arises within—resumed.

The day continued in this manner, the pattern consistent: Feeling discontent when I focused on the mind’s noise, and feeling contentment when I focused on physical reality.

I’m thinking—like an empty room that is still and quiet—the mind’s default nature is contentment… is stillness.

While I don’t think it is possible to silence the mind, it is possible to change our focus: Focus on the swirling noise inside the empty room and feel disharmony… or focus on physical reality and feel the emptiness of the room/mind (contentment).

That’s do-able: Sucky mental noise or beautiful Physical Reality. Hell, with a little self-monitoring, it’s even practical.

Note: Since the empty room (you-as-the-Witness) can’t see yourself, it is impossible to see the empty room, so all you can do is focus on physical reality to help empty out the room of its swirling, illusionary contents. Though we can never experience the empty room, we can at least experience the emptiness of the room (peace, bliss, contentment) that lies behind all the noise.

Regardless of the above spiritechy paragraph, there seems to be only two options open to us:

Focus on mental noise and (possibly) suffer… or focus on physical reality and be at peace.


Train Tracks Over The Water

Train Tracks Over The Water

MELBOURNE, FL — #MiracleLog #Remember

January 30, 2015 3:28 PM

About a dozen articles on happiness appeared in my news feed, a couple books on the subject were seen this morning lying un-shelved in a bookstore, and I thought about Dave’s theory that She has no agenda, no explicit purpose for us, and I got thinking about what I overheard in that tiny coffeeshop in Taos a bit back where the barista channelled the Divine and explained the meaning of life: All She wants is for you to be happy.

I don’t know if I believe Dave’s theory, but it’s an interesting exercise, and indeed, it did point out something that has subtly been “directing” me for years: The feeling that I have something to do—something to share with the world.

What if I didn’t? What if that isn’t my “purpose” at all? What if the sole purpose of life is just to be happy?

Which leads to an interesting question:

What ensures happiness?

I’ve got a lot of thoughts on this, but they all boil down to the same thing:

When I’m not feeling happy, it’s because I’m taking the noise in my head too seriously.


Uncharted Waters

Uncharted Waters

MELBOURNE, FL — #FourthWall #Emptiness #NoSelf #Radiance #Surrender

January 29, 2015 8:11 AM

From some of his comments and assertive emails, I had expected him to be a Fundamental Nondualist—a man who rationalized “enlightenment” and was determined to point out all the errors of my ways—but I was pleasantly surprised when we met up at a local Panera Bread and Dave began relating events from his past—one synchronistic event after another—and arriving at the same conclusion that I had: that synchronicity implies God.

Dave is more stable, more advanced in the Emptiness quality than I—the vastness taking center-stage in his awareness. He reminded me of the mysterious Jed McKenna with his rational, determined approach. Even Dave’s methodology is similar to McKenna’s: to throw yourself into understanding something—to immerse yourself in it—until you arrive at its deepest core truth (“if A then B and B leads to C and C means …”).

Unlike McKenna though, Dave is far more humble. Full of yang, active, determined energy, yes, but he’s not stuck on himself as McKenna is. I suspect this is due more to Dave’s understanding of the Divine—of the implications of the Divine—than to his original, birth nature.

He said he had a message for me, apologetically though, as he knew how pompous that sounded, yet still feeling driven to tell me—to go out of his way to meet me and tell me. But I’m far more comfortable with these situations—-when the interests of the mind conflict with Her whispers—so I fully understood.

He got all serious and he told me his message—but after he told me, I promptly forgot it. This is a common quality of Shadow information—that the conscious mind rejects what it isn’t ready to hear—and because both he and Michelle and I have each been hit with Shadow material recently, I suspect there are layers within it that I’m not ready for.

I wrote him back this morning, asking him to restate it. His message, word-for-word:

Her vast unactualized knowing with no agenda and the world “because” of her, an entangled ball of light.

[Fourth Wall]: I suspect that this message isn’t just for me, so I present it above verbatim.

In a powerful vision he had (similar to mine a few months after my initial awakening), he related how—struggling with the new-found powers of almost miraculous manifestation (wish fulfillment) that comes from this level of development—he asked Her what She wanted from him and She laughed (at his arrogance?) and said, “I created you,” and kicked him “out of the womb.”

[Fourth Wall]: I struggled with this Messiah Complex too for a few months after awakening, subtly still do I suppose, but I expect everyone who gets to this level does—when whatever you wish for practically always and magically appears.

I take his message combined with his vision to mean (though I’m not sure I agree with it, but this is Dave’s story, so I’ll relate it) that She doesn’t need us to do Her bidding, that She is fully capable of handling things all on Her own thank-you very much, and maybe I (Wayne) need to re-examine my assumption that there is an express purpose for me (from his comments above of no agenda and being laughed at).

Dave doesn’t blog because he say’s he has a hard time articulating his thoughts and experiences. Because there was so much to relate in so little time (he knows everything about me, but I knew next to nothing about him), he dumped a lot of information on me and I could very well be completely wrong on his point.

Oddly enough, what I did hear loud and clear, was a recurring theme of trust. Trust that She’s got the back of anyone who is willing to surrender to Her. Trust that, though we may never fully understand Her will or intentions, that She’s got our best long term interests at heart as long as we’re willing to get out of Her way (surrender control).

Not surprisingly, as I was composing this post, I received another email from Dave:

I feel if you believe you may suffer in some future circumstance that may well come to pass. If you Trust that you won’t you won’t. You will never be able to let go of that pole if you don’t trust.

[Fourth Wall]: The pole he was referring to was from my vision: Where I held onto a vertical pole (like a fireman’s sliding pole) as I stepped into a column of Light (Her). My entire body was vaporized completely—all but the hand that tightly gripped the pole. I have long regretted that I was too afraid to let go and dissolve fully and absolutely into Her… and that I have never had the opportunity to be “tested” again since then.

As it was getting time to depart, and as it had happened with ErikI/She/We gave Dave some unsolicited advice: To open his heart more, not to explain himself (as the rational is wont to do), but to love others through actions. (The focus on Emptiness bypasses many of the joys of Radiance, and without Love—Love manifest in the world—what’s the point of all this wisdom?) I/She/We could feel his resistance and I (the Wayne-thing) felt uncomfortable with offering it, but Dave sent the following email later in the evening:

Yep. Great insight. I have been very guarded with the love. I knew that and am careful with it because I cry whenever I go there. Almost a sadness.

For the lack of love in the world and when I see it, I miss it and I cry. Not that I am not loved, I have much support in my life, but love itself. I am going to open up a bit and see if I can go there without walking around with a box of tissues. Thanks.

[Fourth Wall]: Before you go thinking Dave’s some wussy milquetoast, he’s an ex-merchant marine with a tough sounding Massachusetts accent.

And then this email, which I found far more rewarding (his wife is not in to this stuff):

Wife came home and sat beside me.

First words out of her mouth, “You seem different.” So out of character for her to say that. I will roll with it.

As I said, Dave’s more advanced than I am in the Emptiness quality—but in Radiance? Not a chance.

At least, not yet. 🙂

Motivation and Priorities

Dad Sleeping in Front of the TV

Dad Sleeping in Front of the TV

MELBOURNE, FL — #Technique #Death #VanDwelling

January 27, 2015 2:15 PM

The writing this morning was feeling forced, so I gave up and went to hang with Dad while Mom went to the doctor. Scanning my news feed, I found this article about evaluating your life (to help keep it on track) and liked the first idea:

At the end of the day, ask yourself, “Did today matter?”

Now imagine you have less than two years to live. Kind of bumps that question up a notch, doesn’t it?

4:49 PM

I re-routed some wiring in the rig that was bothering me: making the battery monitor easier to see from the easy chair and driver’s seat, plus mounting a more space efficient power strip.

I was originally going to build a fancy box around the equipment to make it look all purty and stuff, but after thinking about the above question, “Did today matter?” I opted not to. The box probably would have taken at least a day to assemble (two days with my track record of DIY estimates) and really, who’s going to see it but me?

Down By The River

Still River. Clearing Skies.

Still River. Clearing Skies.


January 26, 2015 9:53 AM

I awoke to the rain in a Home Depot parking lot and, after picking up some coffee, I headed eastward, then south. I love overcast days, their mood is great for both photography and introspection—two of my favorite past times.

Crossing the Banana River, with Nasa’s Vehicle Assembly Building towering across the choppy waters, I found a place to park and chill and maybe get some writing done before heading back to Melbourne to check in on the folks.

Looking Through the Gate

Crowds At The Apple Store

Crowds At The Apple Store

ORLANDO, FL — #Emptiness #FourthWall #Technique #VanDwelling

January 25, 2015 12:57 PM

I received the following from Michelle last night:

Sitting here contemplating after meditation and the Eyes (Witness state—wgw) came back. Everything I do or say coming under the eye. Then I started to see myself so intensely, realizing that nothing I do is not being witnessed and watched (or else I can’t know that it happened) that I had one of those almost-seeing-it flashes that kind of shook everything.

To which I replied:

Excellent. Whenever you really feel the Witness/Eye (copy this somewhere so you’ll be ready)…

Examine the Michelle Martin thing. Notice it is only a collection of thoughts. Thoughts of the past, thoughts about emotions, thoughts about traits and worries, thoughts about the future. Just a bunch of Hortons. No more real than a cartoon elephant.

Each time you see one of these Hortons, pull it away and drop it (just as you pull away the portal of Radiance).

Every time you feel the Michelle Martin thing coming back in, pull it away and drop it.

All boundaries, all control, all self-experiences. Pull them away and drop them.

When the Witness/Emptiness state is deeply felt, this is an ideal time to see through the illusion of the personal self.

Rather than try to figure out who or what you are, I find it more practical to just see and drop anything about Wayne Wirs that I can see. If you can see/experience it, it can’t be You.

4:41 PM

I picked up my laptop this afternoon in Orlando. Instead of heading straight back to Melbourne, I took a route directly east and am now in Titusville. Not sure where I’ll sleep tonight, but at the moment, I’m hiding in plain sight—camouflaged at a quiet Publix under construction (an advantage to having a rig that looks like a commercial truck).

Hardware and Software

A Good Morning For Writing

A Good Morning For Writing

MELBOURNE, FL#Writing #FourthWall #Soul

January 24, 2015 11:16 AM

I spent the morning working on the book, mainly just re-arranging topics and organizing my thoughts. Since I'm an atomic kind of guy, what I do is put each topic in its own sheet (Ulysses' term for a document), and add a bunch of comments/thoughts at the top of each sheet. These comments show in the summary view of the manuscript, so I can see both an overview and the details all at once.

I had dropped my laptop off at the Apple store in Orlando a couple days ago. They are replacing the entire screen and, as an unexpected bonus, are even throwing in a new the battery. The battery replacement alone probably paid for the extended warranty. I should have the laptop back in a couple days.

In the mean time, I've been using the Keyboard/iPad/Ulysses combination and it has been working surprisingly well. Even though Ulysses on the iPad is a beta version, it is rock solid, and in combination with the bluetooth keyboard, it's able to handle all my writing needs.

Note: I returned my original keyboard because it broke at the hinge. I'm now using a "folio" type keyboard (no mechanical hinge) and it seems to be much more robust.

January 24, 2015 3:34 PM

I'm finishing up Evidence of the Afterlife and I find it fascinating how similar the post-life experiences of NDE'ers are to the mystical qualities of the awakened state: miraculous healings, psychic abilities, profound selfless love, loss of the fear of death, …. I haven't thought it through, but near death experiences seem to support the fading aspects of Mystical Oneness: that the less there is of you (and when you die, there is certainly less of you), the more there is of the Divine.

There isn't any mention of synchronistic luck, but as far all the other "magical" traits, it is almost shocking how similar the experiences are.

[Fourth Wall]: I encourage anyone who would like to lose the fear of death—who would like to "live as a Soul"—to read this book.

Transparency and Wormholes and Light

The Fountain

The Fountain

MELBOURNE, FL#LivingIt #Radiance #MyLove #Technique

January 23, 2015 9:00 AM

I saw an article this morning about the possibility that dark matter in our galaxy may be an indicator of a wormhole (I’m always looking for evidence to support my HDI theory):

[Some scientists now] propose that dark matter is a sort of “extra dimension” woven into space-time.

Sounds like HDI to me (HDI = Higher Dimensional Interaction).

A wormhole would open up the possibility of interstellar travel and that got me thinking that if I lived on an alien world somewhere and visiting Earthlings showed up and were transparent and truthful about their civilization… well, I think I’d put up a “No Trespassing” sign and wouldn’t allow them to land.

Cut my head off because I think differently than you do? No thanks. You guys are barbarians. Please move along.

When it comes to interactions with others, it seems to me the lack of transparency only benefits the seller—the one who wants something from you. It’s to their benefit to hide negative information at the cost of your detriment.

Would the American Indians have welcomed the Europeans if they knew how poorly the Europeans treated their neighbors back home? Somehow I doubt it.

That lack of transparency by the Europeans (the sellers) cost the American Indians gravely—it cost them their lives.

Seems to me today’s spiritual seeker is unknowingly in a similar situation. It might not cost the student their life, but since the quest for enlightenment can take decades of practice, the teacher they select may be their only shot at awakening. Is what they are being sold—the lifestyle of their teacher—the complete and transparent truth about that lifestyle? Is it the whole truth?

I may be a Mystic, but I’m a rational one. Give me evidence—transparency—any day.

January 23, 2015 3:06 PM

I sat in the mall and just watched. Soon, in a way much like Neo experiences the Matrix, I could see all the people, strolling along and shopping, as patterns moving around inside the vast ocean of Light.

The archetypes bend their minds and their minds bend the Light and the Light—bent and contracted— coalesces as a person.

Life is beautiful when seen this way.

It’s all Love. It’s all Light. It’s all Divine.

Being Used

Patterns Everywhere

Patterns Everywhere

MELBOURNE, FL#Remember #FourthWall #Technique

January 22, 2015 8:11 AM

[Note: I’m using the term archetype here, but differently from when I used it previously (you can see my understanding of the archetypes evolving in real-time over the course of that day). The archetypes below are more coarse—like the Buddhist realms—while the (I should have capitalized) Archetypes I focused on earlier are much more subtle: the Light Archetype (Unity/Divine) and the Dark Archetype (Separation/Self).]

…[it’s] not an escape from the world—it’s an escape from the mind.

That’s really the crux of the problem isn’t it? The mind keeps overlaying Reality with its opinions and schemes and fearsa whirlwind of self-centered thoughts resulting in the grand Illusion of I separate from It.

But I’m starting to realize something: I use to blame the me-contraction solely on the mind—and that was a mistake. I’ll forgive myself though, as practically all nondual teachings are mind-centric.

The mind is just a tool for something far more subtle—powers within working behind the scenes.

There are archetypes involved here—core patterns and traits deeply embedded in Man. I think the Buddha called these realms: the realms of Animals, Hell, Hungry Ghosts, Gods, Jealous Gods, and Humans (instinct, anger, desire, power, jealousy, discernment).

These archetypes constantly pull the mind’s attention—its focus—away from Reality and into something the mind has constructed to hold all these patterns: A mental container called me.

So the mind is often used by the archetypes, used as a tool to bring the archetypes to life.

I think I’ve subdued most of my negative archetypes: I’m not particularly angry (Hell), nor controlled by unquenchable desire (Hungry Ghosts), nor jealous of other people’s success (Jealous Gods), nor am I power crazy (the Gods realm).

Granted, their influences contract me from time-to-time, but they no longer consistently affect me. These archetypes have weakened to the point of being inconsequential.

Not so for my Animal archetype (survival, self-concern, self-interest). Though it is weaker than anyone else’s I know, it still pulls me apart from Her more than I’d like.

I used to call this conditioning (and maybe that’s still a valid term), but now I’m thinking the me-contraction is more the result of a lack of awareness of the archetypical influences—a lack of consistent focus on these baser, coarser archetypes.

Maybe, by shining a light on this, I’ll learn to see and recognize when my mind is being influenced by the archetypes.

I want to #Remember this:

The problem isn’t the mind, the problem is when my mind is being used by the archetypes without my consent.

An Escape From The Mind

Inner Orlando

Inner Orlando

MELBOURNE, FL#Technique #FourthWall

January 21, 2015 7:35 PM

As the sun rose behind me, I put Leona Lewis’ song, I See You on repeat and drove westward through the marshy area that lies between Melbourne and St. Cloud.

Cows were already grazing in the wet fields as patches of fog hung amidst the dark trees. Snowy white egrets waded in ponds while ospreys soared overhead, scanning the waters below.

It was peaceful and beautiful and I felt so connected and one with everything.

I kept the song repeating over and over (I offer myself as a sacrifice; I see through you and you through me; …) as I drove onward through the congestion of Kissimmee and into the outskirts of Orlando.

It is so easy to get caught up in the hectic pace of the city. It’s so easy for the mind to be distracted from its focus on the Divine—by the turmoil of the modern world.

Can you see the stillness and the beauty at the center of the Chaos?

[Turning to the Fourth Wall]

To those of you on the spiritual path, I recommend finding a favorite song that resonates with you—a song that exemplifies your spiritual ideals—and load it on your phone and listen to it when you catch your mind getting too caught up in the world—too distracted by the Chaos.

Contrary to what it may seem, plugging in the headphones and listening to music in this manner is not an escape from the worldit’s an escape from the mind.