Spring Came Suddenly

Wading In Deep

Wading In Deep

MELBOURNE, FL — #LivingIt #VanDwelling

March 2, 2015 1:03 PM

A flock of snowy white egrets landed in the vacant lot next door and proceeded to find their breakfast as the old guys in McDonalds bitched about the state of World Affairs and what they—the mysterious Them—should do to fix things.

Pre-dawn fog enveloped the roadway as I sought a quiet refuge to drink my coffee in peace. I pulled into an abandoned parking lot and settled in.

After coffee and emails and the blogs I follow, I dissolved into Her and communed and tried to ignore my thoughts and I contemplated Death and felt how sweet this simple exercise makes all Life.

And it was good.

Later, I drove Mom—who’s not quite comfortable driving so soon after her surgery—to the store and we shopped for groceries and some reading glasses. Around 11am, we finished and Mom looked at her wrist and asked if I thought we should pick up some steak sandwiches for lunch, as one of her favorite sub shops was right around the corner. I knew she was hesitant since her watch told her it was too early for her to eat, so I set a simple trap and asked, “Do you?”

“Well,” she replied, but I interrupted her.

“‘Well’ means ‘Yes’ and everything after that is just Mind talking.”

So we got some subs, took them back home and they were good and Dad was happy and everything worked out.

I hopped in my van and drove off, unsure of a destination.

The air is warm and moist and sticky today. Spring came suddenly to Florida. I pulled in next to the water and cut off all my hair.

And it feels good.

Hard To Come By

Being Eyeballed by a Crow

Being Eyeballed by a Crow


March 1, 2015 2:26 PM

Though I put in links to my About Me page and other “credentials,” Swami Abhayananda quickly declined my offer to meet up, referring me to his books and website instead.

I’m disappointed.

Though theory is quite easy to discuss in correspondence (and books and articles and on-stage), honest experience is much more easily conveyed in a live, back-and-forth conversation. It is almost impossible not to be transparent when you’re sitting across a table from each other as equals.

Pity. I was really looking forward to a discussion with him. Mystics are so hard to come by these days.