The Implications of Unconditional Love

Where the Seeds, Unknown, were Planted.

Where the Seeds, Unknown, were Planted.


April 15, 2015 4:29 PM

Ahead, a large farm tractor, chugging along at 30 mph, created a four car backup on a long and lonely road in these desolate Bardo lands. “Why doesn’t he pull over?” my mind asked in frustration.

I LOVE X, but crappy stuff.

I LOVE my freedom, but that damn tractor won’t pull over.

I LOVE… (Love felt flowing toward the image of) freedom.

And suddenly I was no longer frustrated. Suddenly the mind was quiet. Suddenly I loved everything that my eyes saw. My eyes touched and caressed everything they fell upon.

Suddenly, I was no longer in the mind, but in the MOMENT.

Based on some of the comments yesterday, I’d say there were more than a few readers who understood why I awoke with tears of gratitude before writing that post. They see the significance of it, the implications of recognizing the felt nature of our core being: I LOVE (flowing outward).

The implications are simply this:

If you are NOT feeling I LOVE (pure Love flowing outward), then you are caught up in the mind.

When you pull away all the crappy stuff (the tractor), when you pull away even the object of your love (freedom), then you become the flowing, dynamic motion of Love Itself.

This could be a game changer (for my message).

Why? Because when you are NOT in the mind, then you are in the MOMENT.

And when you are in the MOMENT, then you are AWAKE.


How To Overcome Any Negative Emotion

The Loneliness of the Bardo

The Loneliness of the Bardo

OUTSIDE DODGE CITY, KS — #MiracleLog #MyLove #Radiance #Remember #Technique

April 14, 2015 7:48 AM

I had tried every technique that I had offered to others: See the loneliness as “other,” as not-you; See the loneliness like a cloud that coats you; See the loneliness as something negative and how sucky it makes you feel and drop it because you don’t need it anymore.

And yet, I went to bed still feeling lonely.

How can I help others—authentically help them—if I can’t help myself?

I fell asleep, and in my sleep She came to me and lay with me and she whispered sweet Truths through the long, dark night and when I awoke, I washed the tears of gratitude from my face and I wrote…


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Is SHE Participating In This?

Two Trees Most Distant

Two Trees Most Distant

A PULL-OFF OUTSIDE OF HUTCHINSON, KS — #LivingIt #VanDwelling #Surrender

April 13, 2015 11:16 AM

I said my goodbyes to Michelle yesterday and drove off. As I drove, for the first time in my nomadic life I felt lonely. I have often felt alone—cherishing the solitude—but never lonely.

It’s so rare to find someone who understands you. It’s even rarer when you’re a Mystic. As I said goodbye, I hoped I’d see Michelle again someday. But the truth is I simply don’t know.

… … Read more…

Michelle And The Castle

Michelle In The Castle

Michelle In The Castle

LAWRENCE, KS — #MiracleLog #Encounters

April 11, 2015 9:13 AM

Michelle and I have been exchanging emails for nearly five years: from June 2010 where she first asked for some advice, through my keeping her as my only “student,” to her gaining proficiency in the Radiance quality, and up through the awakening of the Divine within.

Yesterday, I met Michelle for the very first time and together, we had an experience that felt so deeply profound and sacred as to merit right up there with the three owls.

We spent about five or six hours together yesterday (far too much happened to relate in a single post so maybe Michelle will write more of these events and insights on her blog), but what I want to share is what happened in the Castle. … Read more…

Ocelots and Emptiness

Not What It Used To Be

Not What It Used To Be


April 8, 2015 1:47 PM

After yesterday’s post, I made camp at a prime, grassy, wooded spot (I’m really loving these Missouri Conservation areas), then settled in for the evening.

During the night, I realized something: In nonduality circles, “rare” often gets confused with “better.”

Emptiness is rare, but it isn’t better than the more accessible IntimateRadiance or Eternal qualities.

Because it is rare, people naturally seek to “acquire” Emptiness/Unity consciousness, and because they unconsciously equate rare with better, they naturally assume that Unity (Emptiness) is absolute truth where Separation is the lesser (less worthy), relative truth.

But that is like thinking that an ocelot is better than a house cat. An ocelot is a rare feline, but it would make for a terrible pet.

So too with Emptiness. It’s rare, but Unity consciousness is simply not a practical way of living.

Why does Emptiness suck in application? Because without boundaries, everything is not only understood as the same thing (Unity), everything also feels the same. When everything feels the same, there is no empathy for the suffering of others (it’s all “you”), your body is no more important than that tree, there’s no need to get up to go to the bathroom (just go wherever you’re sitting—it’s okay, it’s all One Thing).

The realization of Emptiness is rare, and though it is very useful for putting both suffering and identity into perspective, it is merely a single quality of a much greater Whole (Emptiness, Radiance, Eternal, Mortal, Intimate).

Emptiness is not better than the other qualities, it is just the least often experienced.

Embarrassed By My Burka

White Outside. Pink Inside.

White Outside. Pink Inside.

BERRYVILLE, AR — #Encounters #MiracleLog

April 6, 2015 4:28 PM

Reader Joe recommended I check out Eureka Springs, AR while I was in the area. After Googling it, it seemed like a cool little town. From where I had made camp last night, I had the option of driving across Southern Missouri or Northern Arkansas and though my mind said, “Missouri,” She said, “Arkansas” and so I jogged a little south, crossed the border and headed west.

As I drove through Harrison, I glimpsed a billboard, very prominently displayed as you enter town. It featured a pretty young girl holding a sweet little puppy and the text, “It’s not racist to (heart) your people. Harrison—Love Lives Here. WhitePrideRadio.”Read more…

The Power of Regret

Shooting The Breeze

Shooting The Breeze

WHITE RANCH CONSERVATION AREA, MO — #VanDwelling #Writing #Death #Intimate #Remember

April 5, 2015 2:41 PM

It was a pretty camp—lush grass, a clear river, trees fully in bloom—but it looked like rain and it looked like this area floods and it was Missouri after all, so I moved on. Cavalier about my life or not, I wasn’t born with a stupid brain and I knew it wouldn’t allow me to sleep through the night. … Read more…