A List of Truths and Practices

"Please Don't Eat Our Trash Can"

“Please Don’t Eat Our Trash Can”

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February 15, 2015 2:14 PM

This morning, I did a little research for the book, trying to find some quotes from Mystics about evidence of the Divine. After about an hour, I had only found a couple. Maybe I’m using the wrong search terms.

Later, in the van, I made a sandwich and a list. The idea is a single, short document—a list of truths and practices—that I can review every day to remind my mind of some key things I want to #Remember:

  • Commune with God. Idea from St. Teresa of Avila. I’ve been very passive about my communion with Her, maybe it’s time to be a little more proactive.
  • Surrender your will to this moment/Her. Amazing how difficult this is to remember.
  • Expect good things to happen. This is one of the implications of God (the less there is of me, the more there is of Her, …). Hat tip Dave.
  • The insignificance of thoughts. Seriously, everyone I saw today will have at least a thousand of them. How many will they act on? How many will come true?

To the readers: I suggest you make your own List of Truths and Practices based on your personal spiritual issues. Try to limit it to the top five stumbling blocks which consistently trip you up. Edit it as necessary to keep it fresh and applicable to your current stage of development.

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3 thoughts on “A List of Truths and Practices

  1. Dear Wayne,

    As for others with evidence of the Divine… look up Tom Campbell on youtube. Originally a phycisist, he did research on out-of-body experiences (OBE). One convincing moment for him was when he and another researcher, seperately went into OBE, “met” each other out-of-body and “travelled together”, then after OBE separately recorded their experiences; and those matched closely.

    His OBE experiences together with his interpretation of physics convinced him that our physical universe is virtual, and computed within larger reality. He does not assume this computation to happen on a supercomputer in yet another 3D-universe, but rather within consciousness. This larger consciousness system (LCS), created spatial realms for itself to play around in (just my words, according to Tom there are greater purposes). Rather than play alone, the LCS partitioned itself into many individuated units of consciousness (IUOC) which can reincarnate in the PMRs and interact with eachother, similar to how we can create characters in World of Warcraft.

    While he uses the impersonal term LCS for God/Tao/Her, in his description it can interact in a personal way, synchronicities being one of them. I felt his theories match you more lived experience. One drawback of his videos and books is that he uses many words to say what can be said with a few.

  2. I find divine relationship with “mystics”.. through their writings.

    A difficulty is a light; an insurmountable difficulty is a sun.
    — Paul Valéry

    My experience of divinity is the only evidence I can report.

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