A Real-World Practice

The Not So Permanent Ego/Rock

The Not So Permanent Ego/Rock

FLAGSTAFF, AZ — #Technique

June 7, 2015 11:13 AM

In the private session I had with Paul yesterday, She/We/I gave him a practice having to do with Radiance, but the more I think about it, this technique could be used with any of the qualities of Mystical Oneness (as well as many other spiritual practices).

The practice:

  • “Shift” into the quality you are practicing. Take the Eternal for example: Imagine yourself as an eternal Soul. Do whatever task you are doing, say, driving a car, and be a Soul driving the car.
  • Notice when you “fall out” of experiencing the practiced quality.
  • Record what caused you to “fall out” of the quality you were practicing. The voice recorder on your phone is handy for this.
  • Repeat. Shift into the quality, fall out of it, record why, ….

The wise have their scars…

Two important lessons will be gained from this practice (first-hand, real-world experiences, not just mental crap/theories/noise ):

  1. Patterns will become apparent on what causes you to “fall out”. For example, the thought, “What a beautiful tree,” won’t make you fall out of either Radiance or Vastness, but the thought, “I wonder what type of tree that is?” will. Learning to see first-hand that ego-centric thoughts and activities magnetically pull you out of higher states of consciousness is key to seeing the ego. The more you see the ego (the more it feels like “other”), the easier it is to dis-identify with it.
  2. You’ll gain confidence in the flowing contraction/expansion nature of Self. None of the qualities of Mystical Oneness are a permanent state. We flow between them. We expand and contract either based on our thoughts or events that happen around us. A common assumption is that the experience of Vastness is a permanent state of being once one wakes up, but there is absolutely zero evidence of this (Claims, yes. Evidence, no. Those who claim it haven’t integrated it yet.) Getting comfortable with this “flowing nature of me” not only eases trying to hold onto the practiced quality, but is key to weakening the ego (“I’m not something solid and ego-like, I’m something flowing and dynamic.”).

I need to add this to the book.

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5 thoughts on “A Real-World Practice

  1. Mark and I love this youtube clip with a guinea pig putting his “head out” (falling out of Radiance) and putting his head back in – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jW3XtKBlTz0 – he could watch that turtle do that forever! Isn’t that what we do – we recognize our eternalness yet poke our heads out of Radiance into the illusion. Every time we think or speak, we leave Radiance. – Judy

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