A Serendipitous And Auspicious Day

I Know You're Out There Somewhere

I Know You’re Out There Somewhere

MONICA SPRING, NM — #VanDwelling #Encounters #MiracleLog #BATGAP

April 24, 2015 2:50 PM

As I was preparing to leave camp yesterday to do some laundry in Eagar, AZ, I saw a post by my buddy Glenn Morrissette who was camped in Alpine, AZThinking he had left the region to prepare for his music gig, I was surprised to find him camped so nearby. As it so happened, he was breaking camp that morning and Eagar was right on his route, so we met up for lunch in town. Glenn then told me that Boonie was camped outside Alpine—an area I wanted to explore anyway—so we parted ways and I headed to Boonie’s spot for the night.

I was also very surprised to find that the forest outside of Alpine has very high-speed 4G connectivity—something that I need to assure a clean connection for my Skype interview with BATGAP in May.

So yesterday was a very serendipitous and auspicious day (laundry -> Glenn -> Boonie -> new interview site). Unfortunately, there’s snow in the forecast for Alpine, so this morning I said goodbye to Boonie, broke camp and headed to my back-up interview spot near the Very Large Array. It’s kind of a long ways to go, but I wanted to compare both upload and download speeds between the two locations (they’re practically identical with 17 Mbps download and 6 Mbps upload).

What are the odds of running into both Glenn and Boonie when I had no idea they were in the area? And then finding such a great site to do my interview at?

Isn’t it wonderful that over the last month I’ve been able to meet up with practically everyone I know—almost effortlessly—and say, “Goodbye”?

I guess that could sound kind of scary, but I like to think of it as, “Change is in the air.”

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