A Swift Kick In The Pants

The Backside of Serenity

The Backside of Serenity

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May 12, 2015 2:13 PM

“How much more do you have to write?” Michelle asked, referring to the book I’m quote/unquote working on.

Ugh. I’m still in outline mode. I’ve started writing The Way of Mystical Oneness two other times and nixed both of them because I didn’t like either the tone (too preachy) or the attitude (too confrontational with traditional nondual teachings).

But the previous two attempts aren’t why I haven’t been writing—hell, they’ve helped clarify the tone and attitude I’ve been looking for (humbler, softer and more heart-centric). No, I haven’t been working on the book just because She hasn’t pushed… at least until Michelle’s question.

How much more do you have to write?

Oh, that would be about ALL of it.

I’ve been thinking about writing, and I’ve been taking a lot of notes for the book, but I haven’t felt guided to actually start the writing process. Indeed, I’ve been hearing Her whisper, “Wait. Not yet. Let it gel some more.” That was, until Michelle’s question.

Most artists know that one way to inspire creativity is to hold yourself back from your work, to take a forced time-out in order to get the juices flowing again.

The same technique can be useful for mystics—particularly when they are looking for direction or inspiration. After all, the less there is of you (I want, I want, I want!), the more there is of Her (murmur, whisper, Inspiration!).

The trick—and the difficulty—with this technique, is learning how to hear Her whispers. It’s very easy to confuse mind stuff (I want, I want, I want) with Her whispers (murmur, whisper, murmur). The simplest way to distinguish one from the other is to monitor how you feel.

Does this feel forced? Mind stuff.

Am I unsure? Mind stuff.

Do I feel contracted and hard when I think about this? Mind stuff.

Do I feel afraid? Mind stuff.

Does this feel open and flowing and right? Heart/Whisper.

Does it feel magical? Heart/Whisper.

Do I feel guided and lucky and appreciative? Heart/Whisper.

Am I confident? Heart/Whisper.

Force yourself to take a time-out. Keep your mind focused on the question/concern (Should I start writing yet?). Then listen/watch for the whispers (plural, She’ll become insistent and that will increase your confidence).

It’s been starting to feel like it’s time get writing again (open, flowing, right), and then yesterday…

How much more do you have to write?

A swift kick in the pants (guidance). Which makes me feel lucky and appreciative and confident too.

The less there is of me, the more guided my life becomes.

I’m a very lucky man.

And I’m grateful for that.

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