The Remnant of What Was

The Remnant of What Was


April 3, 2015 3:54 PM

The moon, full, glowed behind a thin veil of slowly drifting clouds as I stood naked in the woods, staring up at the sight. I nodded to myself, climbed back into the van and turned the refrigerator off for probably the last time.

It was 3am and the refrigerator was still running, still trying to cool its interior, only dropping three degrees since the morning before.

Acceptance is the key to surrender, to flowing with Life. I try never to fight circumstances, never to swim upstream, never to push back when being guided along.

The refrigerator simply isn’t functioning like it used to—running all day but not cooling much at all. I could send it in to get it fixed. I could probably find some local guy to repair it. I could sell it. But I won’t. I’ll just do without refrigeration, maybe toss in some ice when I really want something cold, but I’ll shoot for a simpler diet, one that doesn’t require foods that spoil so easily.

And in a way, I like the idea. What has become clear from living in a van is that living simply—living without many of the conveniences that most take for granted—puts me back in touch with something deeper, something ancient… something sacred and primal.

I don’t know why, but living ultra-simply brings me closer to Her.

And I love Her.

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