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Mystical Hooters

Mystical Hooters

MELBOURNE, FL — #HealingThing #LivingIt #Surrender

01/07/2015 2:53 PM

After breakfast, feeling quite directionless but calm, I poked around on my new book on Mystical Oneness then went over to see Dad. He seems to be doing well and I can’t see them keeping him much longer.

The Storm of Insights that I’ve been “suffering” from seems to have abated. I’ve come to see these storms as a pattern—insight after mysterious insight roaring through me to the point of being almost overwhelming and then… gone.

The storm, like all storms, will eventually return, but for now I’m grateful for the respite.

I found myself at a Hooters, which surprised me. When my waitress asked if I wanted another beer (two is my limit), I said wait, and I flipped my coin and I had another beer, which prolonged my stay. I’m not complaining—you can’t beat the views—but I was a little confused until my waitress told me that one of her friends was just diagnosed with melanoma.

Even though it surely made me look like a nutcase to a beautiful woman, I didn’t hesitate (nor care), and told her I’ve had some luck with curing cancer and to give her friend my card. I’m not sure my explanation—the less there is of us the more there is of the Divine—convinced her enough to pass on my info to her friend, but really, there’s only so much you can do.

I left and soon got the following email from Erik, whom I met a few days ago:

Hey Wayne,

Arrived back home here in N.E. Ohio Monday just in time for the arctic blast that’s taken over. Left Orlando in mid-70s, even sweating a good bit on the plane before they turned the air on, and landed in Akron to 12 degrees, with night time lows this week around zero. And all the while missing 50s and even some 60s here while I was gone, gotta love it.

Anyhow, I wanted to thank you for the meeting and the great chat. I was floored a bit when I saw the post you did about our meeting, very honored to have made the blog in such a way. Nice cover graphic you chose as well!

After we parted I made my way to the beach, and was all alone when a family cleared out after a little while. The light of the almost full moon, peaking through the clouds, made the crest of the incoming waves to shore look surreal, like they were made of liquid shining glass. That along with the sound, which again I rarely get to hear live, and a slight misty drizzle, made for a very beautiful experience I’ll probably remember for the rest of my life. I relaxed and just let it all the beauty sink in for a while and went back to Mt. Dora.

Since then I’ve noticed a slight shift in my awareness where I’m witnessing my life from a slightly detached perspective fairly often throughout my day. As if I’m watching myself in a movie. It’s definitely helped me be calmer, more relaxed, and flow through my day smoother. I hope to expand on this perspective, play with it, and see what develops. I have you to thank for that.

Also, I wanted to let you know that since we seemed to have such similar viewpoints on ontology, etc., and I like your term “Rational Mystic” so much, that I changed my religious views section for my Facebook profile from my jumble of “isms” to that term, if you don’t mind. FB had then created a page for that term under the category of religion. Although there is a more complete one for “Rational Mysticism” and seems close, but not quite the same thing to me. The page let’s you fill out a description and add a picture. I had taken the liberty of uploading one of your favorites from your old site, which is still pending approval.

Then I thought I shouldn’t really go any farther and let you know about the page in case you’d like to upload a pic you want, and fill out the description, add links, or delete it all, whatever you’d like. I just figured it might be a nice little “explanation page” that could lead people to your work(s). Then a movement starts, a large following develops, egos get outta control, and before you know it we’re all in the jungle some place drinking Kool-Aid before the govt comes for us all! Oh wait, didn’t that happen already? 😉

Lastly, saw that you compiled and released your first eBook for the new blog. I’d like to cast my vote for making them seasonal/quarterly. Just seems to fit better to me vs. monthly, and the reader might see it as getting more for their .99 cents.

Keep doing the transparent/showing it all thing on the blog, loving it. As you said, I don’t comment often, but I always be reading it and probably getting the eBook compilations to read on my phone anywhere.


Thanks Erik. Have at the FB page, I’m more interested in creating than marketing, so run with it.

PS: And thanks for your generous donation.

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