An Unexpected Insight

The Bird and the Dawn Sky

The Bird and the Dawn Sky

MELBOURNE, FL — #Soul #Death

February 24, 2015 9:32 AM

In search of more evidence of the Soul, I’m reading a book on reincarnation, Children Who Remember Previous Lives. It’s a dense book, lots of scientific research methodology, so I’m not sure I recommend it to a more general audience.

Rather than focusing on the details of individual cases, what I find far more indicative of truth is the repeated patterns—shared traits—of most past life cases.

Two big surprises I’ve picked up from these patterns:

  1. All evidence suggests we consciously selected our current life. I’ve believed this was true ever since my LSD vision, but the repeated, common pattern suggests that this is indeed so. I base this on how many cases where the children’s most recent past life either resided near the new family or was related to them. If your new life was purely random, this pattern wouldn’t have emerged.
  2. There doesn’t appear to be any evidence that we know the future of these newly selected lives. I’ve long believed that we select these lives based on what they can teach us (ie: know its destiny), but none of the children seem to have any memories of this process. (Many, though have reported a sage-like guide in the “in between state” (bardo realm) that helps them make a new life selection).

The implications of these two patterns mean I have to rethink a key aspect of my theory of destiny. Before reading this book, I assumed (assumptions are such sneaky bastards) that I had selected this life (and all previous lives) based on what I knew it would help me learn. While in the bardo realm, I would see all the events that this new (potential) life would encounter, see what I could learn from it, and then select it if I felt it useful for my spiritual development. Sort of like consciously selected karma.

Not knowing the destiny of a potential life while in the bardo realm means that we only select a life based on its potential. We infer what we will learn based on the family, race, society and culture of the new parents.

This evidence throws my idea of karma out the window. This life’s future is no longer a chosen, fully understood (then forgotten) fixed destiny. At best, we selected this life as a probability it would help us evolve based on an informed guess (selection of a new life based on the new family’s circumstances). At worst, we selected it based on simple attachment to stuff from the previous life (loved ones, enemies, lifestyle improvement, …).

I’m not sure how I feel about this, but that’s what the evidence suggests.

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