As Often As I Remember

The Interconnected Nature of Being

The Interconnected Nature of Being

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February 17, 2015 1:11 PM

Some validation of the “expect good things to happen” item from my List of Truths and Practices:

At the moment, Mom’s only comfortable driving short distances, so this morning I drove Dad to get some blood work done at the hospital. The parking guy pointed me to a spot right next to the entrance and even though it was the morning after a long weekend and appointments aren’t taken for lab work, there was zero waiting and Dad and I were in and out of there in less than ten minutes.

Here is my revised list and how I remember it:

  • C: COMMUNE with God.
  • S: SURRENDER your will.
  • I: The INSIGNIFICANCE of thoughts.
  • E: EXPECT good things to happen.
  • D: You’ll be DEAD soon.

To remember the list, I pronounce it “CSI, IED” (there’s only one “I” (Insignificance), but it’s easier to remember with two).

COMMUNE : I visualize TaoGodHer as a column of Light shining down through my head, filling and dissolving my body and radiating outward. We become one.

SURRENDER : I surrender my personal will to whatever is going on at the moment.

INSIGNIFICANCE : I (try) to remember how insignificant my thoughts are.

EXPECT : In any situation that I am participating in, I expect it to work out well (see this morning’s example above).

DEAD : I try to remember that I’ll be dead soon which acts as a compass for my actions (Is whatever I am doing right now what I want to or should be doing?).

I do these practices as often as I remember—at least as long as I don’t have something more pressing to focus my mind on.

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