Back On The Road

Peace and Joy in Pahokee

Peace and Joy in Pahokee

The Everglades, FL — #VanDwelling #Surrender #BATGAP

March 13, 2015 4:49 PM

I made camp next to a quiet canal on the edge of the Everglades, a camp I had found perusing Google Maps. The wind, which had buffeted the rig all day, now provided a welcome breeze which cooled the van and rid it of the three flies I had picked up somewhere along the way—maybe in Pahokee, or Taylor Creek, or that miserable intersection at Yeehaw Junction.

Flowing non-attachment. This is how I choose to live life. Sometimes I slip, naturally, but mostly I just roll with it.

Anyone can say, “Surrender to what is,” but if you aren’t willing to live it, then you’re just fooling yourself—and far more importantly, your fooling others.

Below is the full email exchange with Irene of Buddha at the Gas Pump (email addresses and full names redacted):

Contact Form Submitted

Name:  Irene


Comment: Would you like to set up an interview in May? Dates open as of now are May 16 or 23

Hi Irene,

I’d be happy to do an interview. Either date is fine.

Please note though, that I’m a full-time nomad. I live in a van and drift around the country rather aimlessly. I never know where I’ll be next week. I get online via Verizon’s 4G network on a MiFi device, but have never done a video chat using it. I’ll try to test it out with a friend, but do you allow phone-in interviews also? I do a lot of photography too (ie: ), so you could do a slide show of my images if the video doesn’t work. 🙂

Wayne (Wirs)

Hi Wayne

It sounds like the technical set up would be very difficult and we do video only over Skype. So unless you could find a location where you could use someone’s wired internet connection than I don’t think it will work.

Thanks for considering it!

Buddha at the Gas Pump

Hi Irene,

I haven’t had the chance to test Skype over 4G, but it sounds like you’re opting out. After what some of my readers were saying about the idea ( ) I was starting to get a little psyched! (I’m all about transparency, so much so that I keep an online personal journal).

Just so you know, besides all my other odd quirks (About Me), I believe I am the only person who was keeping a personal, online blog before, during, and after his awakening. The whole process can be stepped through here – – and all started when I tried to out-meditate a frog in a brook on Mt. Hood in Oregon.

Still, if the interview sounds like more trouble than it’s worth, don’t sweat it. I’m all about flowing with Life, not manipulating it, so I’m good either way.

Be well,

Wayne (Wirs)

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3 thoughts on “Back On The Road

  1. Just an observation (with all due respect).

    Recently you have mentioned the importance of sharing (vs teaching). You said…” sharing is intimate and transparent and personal. Like relating. As in relationship.”
    You also mentioned that you are not sure how to resolve the conflict between apathy and inner peace.

    Then, almost immediately, SHE provides a huge SYNCHRONICITY to address both: the BATGAP interview. But now it seems like you will let it slip through your fingers because (it appears) that you won’t make the effort to secure a simple Skype connection for 2 hours? This opportunity will not come again. And you will miss the “BATGAP bump” which is a flood of interest in your work due to the exposure that often happens to guests after their interviews.

    No doubt you have heard the joke about the guy sitting on his roof in a flood. Three times rescuers try to get him off the roof but he declines saying that God will save him. He drowns and is furious with God. But God says “What do you mean? I tried 3 times to save you and you refused”

  2. It has been postulated that our experiences are reflections of our state of being. So if your state of being manifests an opportunity like a Batgap interview perhaps that is your Higher Self, i.e. ‘God/Tao/Her’ fulfilling your true intent to expand and evolve, which includes boosting sales, increasing income streams and a host of other side effects, perhaps you should move past your resistance and fear and just do it. I know, easy for me to say. Most of the Batgap interviews are too long and frankly too boring for me, with a few notable exceptions. I am confident you would be one of those notable exceptions. Have fun.

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