BATGAP Interview Tomorrow

Flower in a Windy, Sunny Field

Flower in a Windy, Sunny Field


May 22, 2015 11:35 AM

I walked through the forest to the sounds of my flip flops slapping my heels. It was a terrible day photographically. The sun was bright and shiny and warm and the breeze was cool and pleasant and refreshing.

Horrible, horrible weather for taking photos in.

When I try to take pictures, they almost always elude me and yet here I was in the contrasty light struggling to take photos of flowers while the breeze tossed the buds about like little ships in a storm.

As I was uploading the flower photos from my camera to my laptop, I heard this buzzing sound behind me and look to find a hummingbird hovering over my left shoulder. In a confused moment, thinking he was seeing the flower photos on my screen, I glance over to see only the dull “Transferring Files” window as the two computers talked and the Mac beachball spun on endlessly.

It was then I noticed my Hawaiian shirt and realized the poor bird was trying to eat my clothes.

He quickly realized his mistake and flew off.

My interview on Buddha at the Gas Pump is tomorrow. 12:00 noon central time. If you’d like to watch it live, you can do so via this link, and if you’d like to ask a question during the interview, you can use the form at the bottom of their “Upcoming Interviews” page.

While I’m looking forward to the interview, I’m looking forward to it being over with too. I’m feeling the need for a change of locale and a bit of a city fix, so once this is done I’ll be (as they say in that airline ad) “free to roam about the country.”

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