BATGAP: Video and Notes

APACHE NF, AZ — #Encounters #FourthWall #BATGAP

May 25, 2015 11:58 AM

My interview on Buddha at the Gas Pump is live. The interview page can be found here.

Sadly, the video is more choppy than I’d like—that’s all due to my 4G connection, nothing with BATGAP—but whenever I do “cut out,” Rick is smart enough to ask me to repeat myself and the message comes through.

Below are some links to various things I mention in the video:

Also mentioned throughout:

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7 thoughts on “BATGAP: Video and Notes

  1. Excellent interview Wayne. Your links to references in the dialogue are a unique contribution to BATGAP. I hope others take your lead. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

  2. Im reading The ego and the dynamic ground right now ….. heavy reading for sure.

    Kind of going through “The dark night of the soul” right now 🙁

      • Here is a poem I wrote
        Title: A life once lived and the lessons learned

        By Mike Gibson

        I came into this world and a mystery unraveled
        These are the tales of the roads I once traveled

        There were countless times that I crashed and burned
        Along my journey there were lessons learned

        Treading my path upon reflection
        With each mistake a new direction

        Valuable lessons as I grew old
        Alchemical blessings of lead into gold

        When wrong directions lead me astray
        Resulting corrections showed me the way

        On the long twisting road on which I did roam
        I knew all along I was heading for home

        For all of my lessons, not only a few
        They led me dear God, they led me to you

        In you God I did rest and dreamt a new dream
        And started new travels on lights golden beam

        And now dear friend of this I must do
        I’m passing these lessons along to you

        To give you my lessons I know that it’s right
        To share these lessons and show YOU the light

        That you may profit from my stories told
        And effortlessly turn your lead into gold

        I sent this poem to colleagues of mine and one student at a major university I was employed at and to make a long story short I am no longer employed there.
        I was persecuted for this poem and left voluntarily.

        I decided to “drop out and go all in” on my spiritual path and reach what Washburn terms the final stage of the mental Ego’s reintegration with the Dynamic ground .
        I have been working on this project off and on for 40 years (Im 58)
        I was OK for awhile as my house is paid off and I have a good amount of savings. I’m divorced and live alone.

        Well the dark night phase has kicked in big time in earnest and it is worse than the worst bad acid trip I ever went on.
        Its been 3 weeks so far.

        My only release is walking when the weather permits. (100 Miles this month)

        The shadow content of my dreams is almost unbearable.

        I feel blessed because I know that when (IF?) I get to the other side of this
        an ineffable state of Being awaits.

        What a paradoxical place I find my self in: I know that the longer the purgatory the greater the glory.
        But I find myself:
        Lucid dreaming in a backhoe digging in the rain.
        the archetypal shadows of horror and of pain.

        Digging ever deeper attempting to be free
        Uncovering the sleeper I buried that was me

        I thought that I could do this I thought I was so bold
        And now sit and wonder will I ever find the gold?

        Or will I dig forever the eternal weight of lead.
        And tear myself asunder in finding only dread?

        Wayne this aint no cake walk Man !!!!

        This audio book has great insight into this GRUELING process

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