Being Used

Patterns Everywhere

Patterns Everywhere

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January 22, 2015 8:11 AM

[Note: I’m using the term archetype here, but differently from when I used it previously (you can see my understanding of the archetypes evolving in real-time over the course of that day). The archetypes below are more coarse—like the Buddhist realms—while the (I should have capitalized) Archetypes I focused on earlier are much more subtle: the Light Archetype (Unity/Divine) and the Dark Archetype (Separation/Self).]

…[it’s] not an escape from the world—it’s an escape from the mind.

That’s really the crux of the problem isn’t it? The mind keeps overlaying Reality with its opinions and schemes and fearsa whirlwind of self-centered thoughts resulting in the grand Illusion of I separate from It.

But I’m starting to realize something: I use to blame the me-contraction solely on the mind—and that was a mistake. I’ll forgive myself though, as practically all nondual teachings are mind-centric.

The mind is just a tool for something far more subtle—powers within working behind the scenes.

There are archetypes involved here—core patterns and traits deeply embedded in Man. I think the Buddha called these realms: the realms of Animals, Hell, Hungry Ghosts, Gods, Jealous Gods, and Humans (instinct, anger, desire, power, jealousy, discernment).

These archetypes constantly pull the mind’s attention—its focus—away from Reality and into something the mind has constructed to hold all these patterns: A mental container called me.

So the mind is often used by the archetypes, used as a tool to bring the archetypes to life.

I think I’ve subdued most of my negative archetypes: I’m not particularly angry (Hell), nor controlled by unquenchable desire (Hungry Ghosts), nor jealous of other people’s success (Jealous Gods), nor am I power crazy (the Gods realm).

Granted, their influences contract me from time-to-time, but they no longer consistently affect me. These archetypes have weakened to the point of being inconsequential.

Not so for my Animal archetype (survival, self-concern, self-interest). Though it is weaker than anyone else’s I know, it still pulls me apart from Her more than I’d like.

I used to call this conditioning (and maybe that’s still a valid term), but now I’m thinking the me-contraction is more the result of a lack of awareness of the archetypical influences—a lack of consistent focus on these baser, coarser archetypes.

Maybe, by shining a light on this, I’ll learn to see and recognize when my mind is being influenced by the archetypes.

I want to #Remember this:

The problem isn’t the mind, the problem is when my mind is being used by the archetypes without my consent.

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3 thoughts on “Being Used

  1. There is a technique in gardening called solar sterilization. A freshly tilled garden looks clean and uniform but lurking in the depths are weeds weeds weeds. Problem is, each weed has a set of conditions necessary for its growth. You may think you have plucked all there is, but given time and condition, something never seen before will pop up. If you cover the tilled soil with a CLEAR plastic sheet and expose the earth to the LIGHT for about a month, all the weeds will be destroyed. Then you can plant the seed you desire and it will grow without all the competition.

  2. We may be predisposed, or “programmed” by our respective archetypes, but everything we perceive and experience is still being filtered through our human consciousness interface called the mind. I believe that’s the buddha’s whole teaching, is to be aware that there is something… beyond mind, or what is traditionally called no-mind, which is beyond emptiness, beyond words, beyond awareness, our original face.
    As you know, this “knowing” is beyond knowledge or experience, we can not conceive it within our mental construct, and certainly beyond our limited senses.
    Some liken it to higher dimensions, and states of consciousness. The higher dimensional beings are aware of lower dimensions, but impossible for lower dimensional beings to discern the higher. They can only infer a presence, but must make the leap upward to higher realms in order to experience. Therefore, there is nothing to even drop. Just delight in the magic of this existence and avail “oneself” of this….

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