Buddha at the Gas Pump?

My Former Cavernous Home

My Former Cavernous Home

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March 12, 2015 3:46 PM

I received a very short email yesterday:

Website: www.batgap.com
Would you like to set up an interview in May? Dates open as of now are May 16 or 23

I wonder how they found me? I’ve never contacted them before.

I’m a little conflicted about this. On the one hand, Buddha at the Gas Pump is pretty big in the nondual world.

On the other, I never listen to nondual teacher interviews since I find them pretty boring (You’re everything. You’re nothing. You’re everything. You’re nothing…).

Add to that, I’ve never done a video call over the MiFi device (the 4g hotspot I use to get online) so I don’t know if I can even do a video interview. I guess if it’s too slow for video, I could call in.

On another note, sort of, I’ve been thinking a lot about that teaching versus sharing perspective. Marc Gilson of Mind Chatter Magazine once said, “[Wayne] is not a guru or a teacher. He is an explorer, a field man more than an academic.” That was back in the 2005. Seems my nature hasn’t changed that much, so the more I think about it, the more the sharing attitude feels right.

Which means I’ll need to re-do the tone of the book-in-progress.

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8 thoughts on “Buddha at the Gas Pump?

  1. Hey just my 2 cents take or leave it…

    A. Its a great exposure
    B. That rick guy is a stuck seeker. Most of the interviews are really about him and how it’s ok to be stuck or how the person he is interviewing can help him out. Not a good/bad thing just how each interview seems to go.
    C. I would watch a few just the first few minutes are ok and then you can get a feel.

    I personally would love to see it!


  2. Hmmm. Maybe you can shake things up in the ‘your everything, you’re nothing’ world. Could be quite interesting.

    about the teacher Explorer thing. Think its pretty easy to become a teacher If you are intelligent. living your life in a deep way and concentrating on that is far more difficult and seems far more interesting. academics are easy to come by. authentic field people seem far more rare.

  3. All paths lead to the Mountaintop so to speak. The Nonduelist path is easily misunderstood. The distinction is subtle, and once understood there has to be a letting go, otherwise understanding will not “get you there”. It’s a slippery slope. Maybe you will persuade some to take the Scenic Route. Not everyone is suitable to rock climbing.

  4. I have listened to over 200 of the BATGAP podcasts. All of the interviewees claim to be spiritual teachers but only a small handful actually have training/experience as educators (either in other subjects or from a spiritual mentoring lineage). As a result, they come off as enthusiastic but somewhat confused amateurs. They use the catch phrases of the non-dual fad without clear definitions, even when Rick presses for them. They are often redundant and respond to questions from what seems like pre-thought concepts rather than from spontaneous wisdom. Rick says that some even eventually asked to have their interviews removed because they realized that they really were not “realized”.

    That said, Rick (though he talks too much) is a fair interviewer and I have never heard him pressure or demean a guest, even when it seems he could/should have. He gives everyone all the time they need to say what they want, which is unique among interview shows. An he is particularly keen on the idea of “transparency” among spiritual teachers, so your views would be very much encouraged.

    Finally, I tried to suggest you for the show but was told the list was closed. Rick says he has a list of 1,000 candidates. So it would seem that there have been a great many requests by your readers to get you in the queue.

    You would be the first “field man” to be interviewed. I think it would be a breath of fresh air.

  5. I’ve also thought about submitting your name (which I would only do with your permission), but they haven’t been accepting names for a while. I hope you decide to do it. Your approach IS in ways a breath of fresh air, and this would be a great way to share it, especially with an audience that might benefit greatly from it. Maybe a natural stream of income could begin if enough confused seekers approach you afterward.

    I really enjoy the podcast and have gained a lot of benefit just from listening to the different people, and it’s so interesting to me to see what a diversity there is in approaches, background stories, etc. Listening to them also brings me to a deeper space. Rick does sometimes talk too much at times, but I think he’s getting better about that over time. He also asks some very thoughtful questions, isn’t judgmental, gives listeners avenues to connect with you, and really does the research on you and your work before your interview.

    Also, from the soul perspective…why not?

  6. Everything applies.


    1) The royal calligrapher, in the ’90s, had an exhibit that traveled the world, which he accompanied. One item on display was his own daily journal, opened to a quote that went like this: “No matter how much one hides, one always touches the world’s flow.”

    2) Once I saw a sunset photo of a tug boat at sea with its search lantern on. It seemed to demonstrate: “In order to see, one must risk being seen.”

    3) The life of Richard Bach, along with his book, “The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah,” offer perspectives.

    Of course, if you’re being lived (in the best sense), the situation will work itself out on its own. Congratulations and best wishes whatever happens.

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