Bumbling Along Blissfully

The Desert Blooms

The Desert Blooms

NE OF THE NAVAJO NATION, NM — #Intimate #VanDwelling

June 16, 2015 7:25 PM

Last night was only the second time that I’ve paid for a place to camp since I’ve lived in Serenity, but lakeside camping for only eight bucks? I’m not complaining.

In the morning, I filled my water cans, took a long hot shower, and drove off to find some breakfast and coffee. At Milan, I looked over the maps and possible routes and I heard Her whisper, “North.” 

So rather than taking the interstate to Albuquerque then up to Santa Fe, I turned north on 605 to 509 and up onto the Chaco Mesa and deep into the heart of the Navajo Nation.

What a beautiful drive this turned out to be! I don’t know if it is the time of year or that it is always this way, but the desert was lush and green with grass. The two lane road, empty and serene, traveled across plains and rolling hills, often bordered by mesas and sprawling rock formations. As I drove, I thought of Her whisper this morning, “North,” and smiled in gratitude.

Around lunchtime, I spotted a dirt road out of the corner of my eye—a road marked with BLM signage—so I did a U-turn, and bumbled down an old, rutted, two-track until I came across a spot good enough for a meal and an afternoon nap and I ended up making camp for the night.

I love days like this… of being guided to great places.

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