The Signs Point East

On The Water's Edge

On The Water’s Edge

BLUEWATER SP, NM — #BATGAP #MiracleLog #VanDwelling

June 15, 2015 5:51 PM

I broke camp this morning and—unusual for me—hopped onto the interstate. I try to avoid interstates—they tend to be boring and dull—but there aren’t many other roads from Flagstaff to Santa Fe, at least without going way out of your way.

In the BATGAP interview, I was asked by a viewer whether one could remain dissolved in Her 24/7. I responded that I certainly couldn’t but that I’d love to hear about anyone who could. Rick then pointed over his shoulder at a photo of Amma and he said she does, and synchronistically she was going to be in Santa Fe in a month. He suggested I stop by and “get a hug.”

The “coincidence” that she was mentioned in the interview, her photo was sitting there looking over his shoulder the entire time, and that she just happened to be touring nearby around the time I was planning on heading up that way toward Colorado, seemed like too much of a sign to ignore.

I can take a hint.

And I like hugs.

More On Suffering Less

Camp Cleansed

Camp Cleansed

FLAGSTAFF, AZ — #FourthWall #Soul #Technique #VanDwelling

June 13, 2015 12:30 PM

I tossed the plastics into a trash bag and built a bonfire from the remaining wood out of the garbage some anonymous camper had left behind. The night was dark and cool and the flames grew to a height of over six feet.

Ah, if it were only so easy to burn away self-centered thoughts. … Read more…

A Mystic’s Guide To Spiritual Harmony

Dawn At Cinder Hills

Dawn At Cinder Hills

FLAGSTAFF, AZ — #BATGAP #Technique #Writing

June 10, 2015 9:48 AM

After yesterday’s post, I drove into town and found an artsy, locally-owned coffee shop where I spent the morning pulling in blog posts to serve as real-world examples for The Way of Mystical Oneness.

Though it was never my intention when I started blogging, I am so grateful for keeping up with it all these years. Not only does the blog provide a wealth of information for the book, but as I mentioned in the BATGAP interviewblogging basically forced me to integrate the absolute truth (unity) with the relative truth (the manifest world). In a very real way, the blog acts as an online diary slash public confessional. When one blogs day in and day out, you simply can’t keep your spiritual aspect (absolute truth) separate from your physical aspect (relative truth) because you are constantly “confessing” your day-to-day actions to the public. … Read more…

A Mystic’s Guide To Happiness

Toward The Higher

Toward The Higher

FLAGSTAFF, AZ — #Intimate #Radiance #Remember

June 9, 2015 8:52 AM

The less there is of You, the more there is of Happiness.

The less there is of You, the more there is of Gratitude.

The less there is of You, the more there is of Appreciation.

The less there is of You, the more there is of Peace.

The less there is of You, the more there is of Joy.

The less there is of You, the more there is of Serenity.

The less there is of You, the more there is of Bliss.

Is this the Truth? How can we know?

Just look into the eyes of any pre-me-me-me person: any child before her parents started “personalizing” her.

Are your noisy me-me-me thoughts worth the cost of Happiness and Gratitude and Appreciation and Peace and Joy and Serenity and Bliss?

Are they worth pure and radiant and unconditional Love?

Because the less there is of You,…

The more there is of Love.

The Gift Of Peace

A Little Peace

A Little Peace

FLAGSTAFF, AZ — #Encounters #Intimate #MiracleLog

June 6, 2015 12:10 PM

I had a one-on-one consult this morning with Paul from France. Without exception, when someone comes to me for spiritual advice and we have an actual talk (versus email, posts, comments, etc.), I’m left with a feeling of expansion and ease and peace. I’m left with a serene sense of connection to Her.

After the call, I stepped out of the van to stretch and—even though I’m out in the middle of a huge forest—found a tiny plastic peace symbol sitting on the ground directly in front of me, washed clean from last night’s rain.

“Peace,” She said. “You keep doing what you’re doing. I love you.”

Two New Things

Stand-in Lotus

Stand-in Lotus

FLAGSTAFF, AZ — #Emptiness #Radiance #Technique #Writing

June 5, 2015 11:59 AM

I started two new things recently. I don’t know if they are related. I’ve started writing the book (again) and started meditating (again).

I’ve started writing because it’s time and it feels right, but I’ve started meditating again because I was inspired by some of the testimonials to TM (I’m not affiliated with them or advocating them) and re-realized how a regular meditation practice helps ground a spiritual life. … Read more…

TM’s Levels of Consciousness

Outside Sedona

Outside Sedona

S of FLAGSTAFF, AZ — #Emptiness #Encounters #FourthWall #Intimate #Radiance

June 3, 2015 1:32 PM

I received the following email from Jerry Freeman yesterday:

Hi, Wayne

I’m enjoying your interview with Rick Archer. If you have a little time, you might find some of the information in this interview, about the sequential unfoldment of higher states of consciousness, of interest. I recorded it with Rick in October of 2013:

The more relevant material begins about 43 minutes into the interview. If you skip the lead-in, you won’t miss anything important.

If you do get a chance to listen, I would be interested in your comments.

Best wishes,


I haven’t responded yet, indeed, this post may end up being my response, but I found Transcendental Meditation’s higher levels of consciousness remarkably similar to my experiences, though not being familiar with TM, my vocabulary is naturally different. … Read more…

Depersonalizing Thoughts

A Forgotten Photo Found In My Phone For A Book I Had Forgotten To Buy

A Forgotten Photo Found In My Phone For A Book I Had Forgotten To Buy

N of STRAWBERRY, AZ — #BATGAP #FourthWall #MiracleLog #Technique

June 1, 2015 11:25 AM

I woke, rolled out of bed, made some coffee, bathed, took care of the scheduled monthly tasks, then hopped into the driver’s seat and drove off to parts unknown. With a direction in mind, but no destination, I drifted westward until I saw a forest road that felt right, turned down it and bumped along while taking turns based solely on intuition rather than maps or mind. I stumbled upon a nice shady camp, parked, and took a walk.

Just as I finished typing the above, the mysterious pickup truck drove by, indicating I should now have the camp to myself for as long as I like (probably only a day or two). … Read more…