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MELBOURNE, FL — #Remember #MiracleLog #Surrender

01/06/2015 3:25 PM


Shadow Lessons

  • The Butt Guy: Enjoy yourself. You’ll be dead in a couple years.
  • The Groin Guy: Relationships are too complicated and distracting right now.
  • The Belly Guy: You’ll never be great—only good. You’ll never be a huge success—but you will help a few people.
  • The Heart/Anima: Love heals all. Love is wise. Trust it.
  • The Throat Guy: They’ll never fully understand you.
  • The Head Guy: You’ll wear yourself out trying to understand all the insights She sends you.
  • The Crown Guy/Eternal-I: All’s well. It always has been. It always will be.
  • Dolphin cresting the water directly in front of me as I typed this summary line: There’s Magic here. Let go. Surrender to Me. Join Me.

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