Dave Revisited

On The Waterfront

On The Waterfront

MELBOURNE, FL — #Emptiness #Encounters #Intimate #MiracleLog #VanDwelling

March 8, 2015 2:19 PM

Hungry after finishing up my weekly tasks, I tossed a couple frozen onion rolls on the dash to warm them in the sun and sought a quiet place to enjoy some lunch. I found a vacant building right on the water, parked behind it and assembled some sandwiches and chips. Plate in hand, I clambered barefoot down to the seawall to watch the sailboats and pelicans and seagulls. The idea of living on a sailboat has its appeal, but I don’t like how much effort it takes to just go for a walk.

As I ate, a pod of porpoises surfaced thirty yards out and three or four pelicans quickly flew over hoping for an easy meal. Just then, as my eyes were fixed on the distant commotion, I was startled by a loud exhalation and caught a glimpse—ten feet off to my left—of a manatee dropping back below the surface and down into the depths.

Yesterday afternoon I met up with Dave on his rural property down in Vero Beach. As we walked around the property—a good ten or twenty acres—Dave pointed out the various features and the history behind them. During these tales, the theme of Death and Rebirth—of getting rid of the Old to make way for the New—kept recurring: Of the lifecycle of the fishpond; of the various pieces of equipment no longer needed or desired; of the citrus trees thriving and dying and being replaced.

Eventually he got to what he wanted to tell me about, about how he had thought he was done with the spiritual seeking, had found the End To It All, only to have it re-awoken when we last met. He explained how opening his heart as I had suggested, had brought the Divine from “out there” to “in here” and how he had spent a couple days in complete bliss and union with the Divine/Everything and how he blamed the drinking of a single beer with dropping him out of this wonderful state.

I/She/We explained that “dropping out of it” was inevitable, that something would have knocked him out eventually, and that all he needed was to find a simple exercise that consistently brings him back into that state. I explained that, in my experience, Mystical Oneness is a constant flowing between the various states of contraction (Mortal, Eternal, Radiance, Emptiness, Intimate) and the key is to not cling to any one state.

In describing the Intimate state—the deep, profound sense of Divine union—Dave said, “That is the purpose of life,” and, for the most part, I agree with him. “For the most part” because the purpose of Life is really about happiness, and each person’s unique purpose is to find that which makes them happy.

Before Dave had experienced the Intimate quality, Dave thought that Emptiness—the boundless vast potential—was the thing that brought him the most happiness. He said that he had pushed for the original meeting in order to teach me something, yet ended up learning something far more valuable instead: the state of Divine union.

Dave was visibly much happier than when we had first met.

Death and Rebirth. Out with the Old, in with the New.

As we parted, I/She/We felt the need to pass something on and She placed my hand momentarily on his chest and I felt something pass through my head and out my hand. I offered no explanation, nor did he inquire as to what it was all about and I hopped into the van and drove east to the river, then turned northward as the sun set and the day came to an end.

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3 thoughts on “Dave Revisited

  1. Always a pleasure to be able to share with you Wayne.
    A little story I didn’t get to.
    In that state of Divine Union or what I see as Divinity seeing through me.
    I picked up my acoustic guitar.
    What was missing that I hadn’t realized until that moment was even there was.
    Am I going to play the same old thing?
    Am I playing to loud?
    Can the neighbors here me?
    I should learn more scales?
    Am I ever going to play in front of a crowd?
    Am I going to make a mistake?
    It’s amazing I could ever even here anything with all the chatter.
    When I picked up that guitar and hit that first string, I had never heard or felt such a resonance and vibration from a guitar. Crystal clear ringing of the notes that seemed so pure, so beautifu. I did play the same old thing but it was so different that it really was for the first time. I guess you could call that happiness. More like Bliss.

  2. I guess my point is that fear is very subtle. If you were to ask me before that moment what it’s like when I play I would have said It was therapeutic. I play to relax, or to just enjoy myself.Trying is fear. Paying extra attention is fear. You can’t try to loose fear. Only by Surrender is fear revealed for what it is.

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