December 1, 2014

Dueling Bikes

Dueling Bikes

PENSACOLA BEACH, FL #VanDwelling #Surrender #MiracleLog … and cutting your hair in public.

8:25 AM

I’m parked in downtown Pensacola, mainly because Google GPS Girl led me astray. It’s a pretty downtown, lots of old architecture. And it’s quiet. I would have thought that this was the start of the business day, but, well, it’s quiet. I like it. Kind of reminds me of parts of downtown Portland, OR on weekend mornings.

This is one of the joys of van dwelling that you just can’t get with a traditional RV or towing any sort of trailer—you can stumble across unexpected places and just park your rig wherever you can park a standard pickup truck.

Stumbling… surrendering to “mistakes.” Bad for the ego, good for the Light. I need to start doing more of it. Fits in well with my current practice.

11:02 AM

I picked up a sub for lunch later, drove out to the national seashore, pulled into a vacant beach lot, and cut off all my hair as is my monthly custom. Moments after finishing up, people started pouring into the lot and I smiled at Her affording me the few moments of privacy that cutting your hair in public seems to deem proper.

5:33 PM

Didn’t do much of anything this afternoon: Hung out on the beach, read a little, played some solitaire, dwelled on my identity. It was nice just to do a whole lot of nothing. Maybe I’ll hang here tomorrow too.

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2 thoughts on “December 1, 2014

  1. I just had this insight this morning after I read your post that when we are in solitude we are able to see fear, like confront it face to face. With no distractions of having to play roles. Because, as I see it, fear is what keep us in this belief that we need to control the outcome. For if we don’t bad things can happen. Oh…by the way…that leads me to the fact that behind fear might be guilt lurking. Maybe deep deep inside we fear punishment or that we don’t deserve love etc. So we keep this fear that reminds us to be on guard. How interesting is to know oneself. For the first time in my life I,m starting to really comprehend and I’m having a blast. It’s seeing things, connecting dots, as if I where outside my life. Like surgical, I don’t know, without being trapped in the plot so to speak. Sorry, if it was to long but I needed to share.
    Love every single post Wayne
    Thanks again

  2. “A whole lot of nothing” days are good. We all need down time. Are you truly enjoying these quiet moments OR — are you putting off the visit to family? Seems the former. I hope so. Bless you.

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