December 5, 2014

Oaks and Spanish Moss

Oaks and Spanish Moss

OCALA, FL #Journaling #NoSelf … and the right track.

7:05 AM

I’m getting a lot of feedback (some blog comments but mostly emails) about all the things I am doing wrong. They are so sure of themselves, yet they offer no evidence (I’m a rational mystic, not a gullible one). They give me all this unsolicited advice that doesn’t seem to be based on any facts. It’s almost as if what I am doing is frightening to them—to something inside of them.

Yet what I am doing seems to be working—working far beyond my expectations (all the profound insights, synchronistic experiences and spiritual growth just from one short month of doing this “experiment”). Still, regardless of all this evidence I’ve been posting, the advice I’m receiving is saying, “Don’t do it that way. Do it my way. You’re wrong. You’re wrong. You’re wrong.”

How odd. It has got to have something to do with the Archetypes: My seeing the Ego/Self-centered archetype as Dark and the Love/Selflessness as Light and then dissolving the Dark into the Light. Gotta be something like that. I can see how this practice should be scary to the Darkness within me (oddly it isn’t), but far more strangely, my practice—my doing this—seems to scare the Darkness within them.

How odd.

I think it means I must be on the right track.

9:36 AM

I stood in the doorway, drinking my morning coffee, looking out over the woods and as I expanded and lifted the Darkness/contraction away I enfolded it into the Light and the Darkness offered no resistance and I felt at once both empty and whole and so deeply entwined with the trees and the earth and the brush and the sky and I was happy. On the last gulp of coffee some grounds filled my mouth (something that usually irks me) and even this had no affect on my joy—on how vitally alive and connected I felt.

Yes, I am on the right track.

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2 thoughts on “December 5, 2014

  1. from where i sit you don’t sound a stray. find a path that your happy to travel and your more likely to follow it than forcing another’s path upon yourself.

    on the topic of feeling one with things. A few days ago a friend talked about something being normal or not normal and I replied “it is natural” it rung through as if a knot i had was plucked and became loose. Not fully undone but loose. i must have a knot that things dont seem natural and it must have been tight and large.

    I am sure there is a quote by jesus that backs you on the path you are going down although i can’t remember it, I just have a strong feeling it is real.

    Peace and Blessings.

  2. Thank you for sharing Wayne. Remember is always the ego(you call it darkness, same thing) that feels threatened by other’s understanding and Path. The job of darkness is to attack the other’s position so it feels superior.That is the Spiritual Ego!! otherwise Truth/Light/Tao/God/Her always forgives since It knows ego’s comments and ways are not real.After all our egos are not true and that is the huge block most of us are not ready to accept.And that is what gets irritated, attacked and criticized on both parties playing the game of “God’s critics” we all do that in our ignorance so….forgive…forgive….forgive and let it go is my solution. For me it works what you do as well: Always offer the darkness to the Light for resolution then let it go and allow Her to replace whatever needs to be seen in the Truth’s Way. Enjoy your adventure in nature…my favorite way of life as well.

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