December 6, 2014

Drowsy Lifeguard

Drowsy Lifeguard

MELBOURNE, FL #VanDwelling #NoSelf … and beach towns.

10:41 AM

I’ve hit the official east coast of Florida and am currently pitstopped in Ormond Beach. I’m surprised that it is so empty here, even though it is a Saturday and the weather is really pleasant. I guess this is still Spring Break seasonal territory and not the typical Thanksgiving to Easter season of the Florida further south.

Free parking, free beaches, free showers… I could see this being a van dweller’s paradise.

I should hit the folks place this afternoon, so this will be a short post as I doubt I’ll have time later.

They say spending time with family is the true test of spiritual development. I honestly don’t foresee that as a problem (though it used to be a biggie).

I’ll know soon enough.

1:03 PM

While driving, I realized something: I was happy. Happier than I can ever remember. What is odd is that there is no reason for this happiness. I’m happier than the one time I was engaged (because it was countered with fear). Happier than when I first woke up (because I was so disoriented from the new “territory”).

I’m just happy. Not because of anything. It is happiness without any object. It’s pure.

I’m sure it has to do with the Archetypes—with the engulfing of the Dark (self) by the Light (Love).

I’ve also realized that I haven’t judged anyone in the last few days. Even the criticism I mentioned yesterday wasn’t met with judgement of the criticizers, just curiosity. This lack of mental judging hasn’t been because I have been focusing on it or anything, my mind just hasn’t been doing it. It was a complete surprise when I realized this.

3:23 PM

Well my no-judgements run didn’t last long. I had stopped in at Wickham Park (where I used to stay when visiting the folks) to see if a friend I knew was still living/camping there. She had always been pretty down on her luck so I figured if I saw her, I’d give her my old travel trailer. She wasn’t, but as soon as I stepped out of my rig, I stepped into a big pile of dog poo. I’m afraid I was a bit judgmental on the unknown dog’s owner.

Stopped in at the nearby Walmart and got a new pair of sandals (the old one’s weren’t worth trying to clean out all those cracks and crevices).

Alright. Off to the folks place.

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4 thoughts on “December 6, 2014

  1. Happy for your happiness.

    Over my lifetime, when asked about my heroes or favorite well-known people, comedians were almost always top-of-mind… musicians… those who celebrate and share happiness.

  2. As comedians are known for depression, I think they master comedy, not because they feel funny or happy, but because they so diligently seek it.

    I realized this because, as an artist, I don’t paint because I see beauty everywhere, but because I’m searching for it.

  3. Carol, this makes great sense. Like most aspects of life, I suppose the embodiment and expression of happiness is a spectrum, and who can judge from the outside what really prompts that expression and to what degree? Your comment gives more depth to my wonderment regarding some of my top-of-mind comedians: Red Skelton, Danny Kaye, and Victor Borge. (Yes, my childhood was in that era.)

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