December 7, 2014



MELBOURNE, FL #Surrender #Death … and a photo of Veronica

12:17 PM

I was surprised to find that Dad wasn’t staying at home with Mom, but is in a rehab center. I had thought he was just going to rehab on an appointment basis to get his strength back. Spent the remainder of yesterday catching up with Mom on the state of affairs, etc., slept in the van, got organized, and evaluated my travel trailer. Saw Dad this morning and he seemed in a good mental state, though still not able to walk on his own (bad heart valve + 1.5 lungs + pneumonia recovery = weak state). Football today so he’s happy.

Adyashanti mentions in his book that the reason the trials and tribulations phase takes place for the awakened is because we often deal with situations from the Mortal level (out of habit or lack of faith) rather from the Eternal level. I can see this Florida visit is going to be a challenge—not because of a lack of faith, but just because of conditioned (Mortal level) reactions. This is not a bad thing, the challenge will make the Light Archetype stronger and more habitual.

8:32 PM

I’ve about got my Mom convinced that my Gas-Gauge-Of-Death idea makes perfect sense—well, at least the conversations haven’t gone too poorly. It really is an excellent practice: You’ve got about two years left to live and are in near perfect health. What will you do with your time remaining? I only wish there was a way of making Death more real to most spiritual seekers. Isn’t that odd? Our own demise doesn’t seem real enough to warrant a deep investigation.

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One thought on “December 7, 2014

  1. Hi Wayne

    I want to thank you for your journal – I’m following you for quite a while now, through the ups and downs, and your posts have helped me a lot.

    For several days/weeks I’m having the feeling I should share some ideas I’ve read regarding the end of death. Apparently today is the day 🙂

    So if you feel like it, please read I’m not a course student, but if I look ‘through the language’ Nouk uses, I can totally feel what she’s talking about.

    Have a great day!

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