December 8, 2014

Results of the Day

Results of the Day

MELBOURNE, FL #NoSelf … and living between two worlds.

9:59 AM

Had breakfast with Mom and we discussed Dad and Happiness and Death and The Future and her Concerns. When you get old, it seems that the most important things in one’s life are The Challenges of Living, Fixing Your Body, The Past, and Loved Ones.

I almost never think about these things, so it is challenging discussing them.

It is especially challenging since all these Important Things are Mortal realm material and my current practice is to live from the LightI’m conflicted because I’m not always sure that Light advice/conversation is appropriate.

It’s a delicate business living between two worlds.

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2 thoughts on “December 8, 2014

  1. U’r conflicted because light advice may or may not be conversed at all. Elders are wiser than u think. Try communing in silence, with love, just like everyday practice. U’r practice of living is appropriate when u live that every moment consciously. Sometimes no speech is right speech. Thanks for sharing. Namaste♥

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