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TALLADEGA, AL — #Intimate

March 30, 2015 5:20 PM

Some excerpts from a dialog with Michelle yesterday:


I would like you to start focusing more on the Intimate quality—on the recognition of Her, on listening to Her, on learning how to know when She’s whispering to you as opposed to your ego/fears talking.


Noticed a stark difference between the energetic reactions between heart and gut. The gut seems more trustworthy to me now. Do you find that your guidance from her tends to correspond to the gut or any other parts of the body?

This is a good question, “How do you know when She’s guiding you? How do you, Wayne, experience the duplex personality?

Just like Michelle, I usually experience Her whispers bodily via the gut, though I’ve never really thought about it this way before.

There seem to be two gut indicators, one quite powerful and the other quite subtle:

  1. When I shouldn’t do something I’m contemplating, I get a very distinct nauseous (nauseated?) feeling in my gut.
  2. When I suddenly find myself doing something I didn’t expect, it is felt as a very subtle “pushing” centered in the gut. This is often accompanied by what sounds like my voice in my head (but aren’t my thoughts) saying to do whatever it is I’m feeling compelled to do: “Turn here. Stop a moment. Go.” I have the option to resist, but I never have since it always feels so right.

I also follow the path of least resistance most of the time, and far more often than not, things tend to work out when I do. This isn’t a “gut whisper” as much as a guiding principle, but it you operate from the assumption that She’s massaging things behind the scenes, then the path of least resistance seems to be Her default way of subtly providing assistance.

I’d love to hear how other people experience “Divine guidance.” To see if a pattern presents itself.

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3 thoughts on “Divine Guidance

  1. Hi,

    I feel the divine, gut, heart and least resistance. I listen to thoughts and dis obey whispers. When I’m following the divine I ignore all voices in my head because any can be thought posing. Also when I’ve dis obeyed if it matters will send a physical event. Basic example if Im feeling for the divine and talking to someone and say something a bit off the divine will have my tongue bitten. If I want to drive one way sometimes the divine has another way, while feeling the divine even if I try to take the turn I want body won’t and I’ll follow her way. “Turn here” “stop” are sometime heard while driving and come with strong feeling so I listen to them.

    I hope I’ve described how I experience the divine whispers well enough.

    Peace and blessings

  2. Hello Wayne,

    this is a very interesting and important topic. I have a question/observation connected with this gut feeling (the nauseating kind).

    How do you discern between her whisper, laziness or fear(maybe better to say lack of self esteem which produces an unease feeling when you have to do something challenging).

    It is easy, for example, to say….well she is whispering to me not to do it, and in fact it is just your laziness whispering.

    In my experience, practice makes perfect, but you never can be 100% sure (at least that’s how far I’ve come on this path).

    Have fun, Tomislav

  3. Divine guidance for me often makes an action feel like it has already happened as if it was a memory rather than a future projection.

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