Drifting West (and a Free Book)

Some Easter Flowers

Some Easter Flowers

PARAGOULD, AR — #VanDwelling #Surrender #Writing

April 4, 2015 8:00 PM

He asked if I was leaving my campsite—that mine looked more level than his. Upon acknowledging that I was, he asked where I was heading.

“I don’t know. West. Maybe Northwest. I’m kinda playing it by ear.”

He looked shocked by that, then glanced back at his truck and big travel trailer. “Must be nice,” he said enviously.

It is nice. Nice to drift with no more than a general direction. Still, I drove a long ways today, changing my course as traffic or pot holes or muddy roads suggested. When things were flowing, I’d follow. When they got clunky, I’d turn.

I passed through the bottom nub of Missouri but when the dirt road I was on got blocked by a bunch of ATV’s playing in the mud, I shifted a little south and ended up in northern Arkansas where I’m hoping to camp out in a Lowe’s parking lot.

I overheard today that tomorrow is Easter Sunday, so in celebration, I’ve decided to give away the Fall Edition of A Mystic’s Journal for the next 5 days (all that’s allowed on Amazon). It’s free from Easter through April 9th. Enjoy.

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