Embarrassed By My Burka

White Outside. Pink Inside.

White Outside. Pink Inside.

BERRYVILLE, AR — #Encounters #MiracleLog

April 6, 2015 4:28 PM

Reader Joe recommended I check out Eureka Springs, AR while I was in the area. After Googling it, it seemed like a cool little town. From where I had made camp last night, I had the option of driving across Southern Missouri or Northern Arkansas and though my mind said, “Missouri,” She said, “Arkansas” and so I jogged a little south, crossed the border and headed west.

As I drove through Harrison, I glimpsed a billboard, very prominently displayed as you enter town. It featured a pretty young girl holding a sweet little puppy and the text, “It’s not racist to (heart) your people. Harrison—Love Lives Here. WhitePrideRadio.”


It’s not racist to love only white people? Are they kidding? Is this a joke? Have I crossed into the Twilight Zone? What the hell is wrong with these people?

I felt such disgust that the sign was not only prominently displayed as you enter town, but that it was in such pristine condition. How come no one had defaced it? How come not a single local had done the obvious: Crossed out the word Love and wrote Hate? (Later, I found this article and photo.)

As I drove through town, my mind involuntarily labeled every person I saw a closed-minded bigot (and I only saw white people). As their eyes met mine, I couldn’t help feeling revulsion and embarrassment to be wearing the same colored skin (my burka) as they wore.

I know, it’s not a very spiritual or enlightened attitude, but what’s even more disgusting is the place was also filled with Christian churches. I’m sure they all firmly believe that not only was Jesus white, but He (and by implication, God) only loves white people.


She sent me along that route for a reason. Damned if I know why (yet).

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2 thoughts on “Embarrassed By My Burka

  1. LOL, perhaps have compassion for your own “burka”. Forgive them for they know not what they do, most of all just love with all your heart. “They” will turn around, after all, aren’t “they” just a reflection of “us”?

  2. Churches in my home state (and elsewhere) are being made aware of greater diversity of beliefs and lifestyles… and greater opportunities to love expansively. Here is another very recent Eureka Springs area example that can be taken as an example of both progress and resistance: http://bit.ly/1DfER9I

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