Enlightenment Versus The Lottery

The Vastness Behind

The Vastness Behind

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April 9, 2015 4:36 PM

According to Wayne Liquormanif you had the choice of enlightenment or winning the lottery his advice was to go for the lottery. (Thanks Andrew.)

I agree, but…

But if given the same choice of the Eternal versus the lottery? I’d take the Eternal.

Or of Radiance and the lottery. I’d take Radiance.

Who wouldn’t take realizing you live forever over any amount of money?

Who wouldn’t take the ongoing experience of unconditional love over millions of dollars?

The funny thing is, both of these are relatively easily “shifted into” (identified with). The Eternal just takes a little research and Radiance involves simply recognizing that at your core, what motivates all your actions is capital-L Love—and then just getting the hell out of its way.

But the biggest benefit of Mystical Oneness—regardless of whether you pass through the Gateless Gate (stable Emptiness) or not—is the Intimate quality.

When TaoGodHer awakens in your day-to-day life—when your personal consciousness commingles with Cosmic Consciousness—well, no amount of money in the world can compare to that.

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