Ulysses + iPad + Keyboard

Ulysses + iPad + Keyboard


January 16, 2015 2:15 PM

Focus. How do you keep the mind focused on what you want, and not what the mind wants? To focus on the Light and not on the distractions?

A lot of fundamental nondualist say the enlightened remain in “abiding nondual awareness” 100% of the time. Are these people saying that once you hit their version of enlightenment that their mind—their focus—magically comes under their complete and absolute control?

I sure would like to see their online journals. I sure would like to see some transparency in their claims.

January 16, 2015 2:25 PM

I’m typing this on my iPad using an external keyboard and Ulysses’ (beta) iPad app. I need to send my laptop in for a new screen (the anti-glare coating is screwed up, making editing photos kind of hit or miss) and I’ve been dreading the possible two week down time, even contemplating buying a new computer and using the old one as a back up. This morning though, I had the brilliant idea of getting an external keyboard for my iPad and seeing if I could survive with that. Since I’m no longer programming, I might be able to get away with this option.

What I think I’ll do is try to survive in iPad-only mode through the weekend, and if I can, then I’ll take the laptop to Best Buy for repairs (there’s no Apple store nearby).

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One thought on “Focus

  1. Wayne … You can ‘buy’ a computer at Best Buy. As long as you return it within two weeks, they’ll take it back, no problem.

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