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The Interview Site

The Interview Site

NEAR ALPINE, AZ — #Encounters #FourthWall #LivingIt #MiracleLog #BATGAP

May 23, 2015 3:47 PM

After the BATGAP interview, I closed my laptop and stepped outside and stood in the sun and stretched. I thought about the events that conspired against me this morning prior to the interview and smiled with gratitude. She was messing with me, I’m sure—testing my faith, trying to shake me up.

I awoke today with a runny nose and a cough that just wouldn’t let go but it cleared on its own (nothing worse than someone blowing their nose all over the screen) before I got the Skype test call from Jerry, BATGAP’s technical guy, so I was grateful for that, but…

But the call with Jerry was a mess. I could only understand about every other word and his image kept freezing. Just before Jerry called, I had tested the bandwidth connection with Ookla and was surprised to see I was only getting about a third of the speed throughput as I had tested half a dozen times previously at this location (10mbps/5mbps verses 15mbps/10mbps).

Jerry said (I think), “Don’t worry 10mbps should be garble garble garble. It’s probably me because garble garble garble and Rick will contact you in a few garble garble garble. Just garble garble garble and have a great inter-garble. I think you’ll garble garble garble it.”

As Jerry clicked off, I looked at my contracted, “Oh no,” state and asked myself, had I done everything I can do?

And I had.

So I let go, I expanded and I thought, well, if this is what She wants, I’m okay with that. She knows best. Maybe it’s a test.

And Rick came on, and the line was clear and though I haven’t seen the video yet, I was as open and honest and real as I normally am and two hours later, it was done.

At the time of this writing, the video isn’t up yet, but when it is—when I’ve had a chance to look at it—I’ll do another post which provides links to some of the things I mentioned in it.

So until then, garble garble garble.

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