Hard To Come By

Being Eyeballed by a Crow

Being Eyeballed by a Crow


March 1, 2015 2:26 PM

Though I put in links to my About Me page and other “credentials,” Swami Abhayananda quickly declined my offer to meet up, referring me to his books and website instead.

I’m disappointed.

Though theory is quite easy to discuss in correspondence (and books and articles and on-stage), honest experience is much more easily conveyed in a live, back-and-forth conversation. It is almost impossible not to be transparent when you’re sitting across a table from each other as equals.

Pity. I was really looking forward to a discussion with him. Mystics are so hard to come by these days.

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2 thoughts on “Hard To Come By

  1. yes too bad… perhaps u shoulda invited him to tea? direct experiences require no credentials. approach him as a mystic, not a seeker… if that is u’r “objective” 😉

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