Have I Lived True?

The redhead with the glowing third-eye. Photo by Michelle Martin

The redhead with the glowing third-eye. Photo by Michelle Martin.

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May 7, 2015 5:10 PM

Have I lived TRUE?

In reading Journey of Souls, what stood out for me was the life review process. We may not know why we chose this life, but knowing that we are going to do a life review of our previous life—that I am going to look back at The Life of Wayne Wirs and ask myself, “Did I live true?”—well, that’s a powerful exercise.

Have I lived true? Have I been transparent enough? Have I shown all sides of this mystical process? Have I lived according to the implications of the Soul, of Love, of TaoGodHer? Have I shared enough? Have I worked hard enough at helping others understand? Have I worked hard enough to help myself understand?

I think so.

Have I compromised the Truth in order to sell it? Have I misused my position? Have I lied? Have I sold out? Have I led anyone on?

I don’t think so.

If I died today and found myself doing the life review, I think I’d be okay with it. At least the post-awakening phase. Pre-awakening? I can think of things I sold out on, of actions I didn’t take because of fear. I can think of a lot of selfish things I did that I regret, but there’s nothing to be done about them now. The Present is what matters.

May 7, 2015 5:25 PM

Michelle sent a photo of the portrait we saw at the castle: The red-headed woman with the glowing third-eye. The woman we saw after She/We/I did the third-eye energy work on Michelle.

If I ever have doubts about TaoGodHer, now I’ve got some hard and fast evidence. All I need to do is look at that photo and I’d be a fool to have doubts: the coincidence of such a thing happening like that is just too astronomical.

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One thought on “Have I Lived True?

  1. The picture of the Red head with the third eye is the Buddhist Deity Vajrayogini. Or as Wayne rightly calls it TaGodHer.
    No coincidence!

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