Self Portrait

Self Portrait

My name is Wayne Wirs and I am a rational Mystic.

I am awake, yet not fully illumined.

In less than two years, I expect to be dead.

Being a Mystic, I look forward to this event—to the merging with the Divine.

Practically everything you may want to know about me can be found on my previous blog.

With my time remaining, I intend to write a book about Mystical Oneness, wander the US in a van, get as close to TaoGodHer as possible, and die when the money runs out.

This is my journal.

Open it up. You found it.

And you’re welcome to it.


  • Use the hashtags (ie: #MyLove) to find areas of interest. A listing of tags can be found at the bottom of any (blog) page.
  • Scan journal entries for bold text. I bold phrases to help you determine the gist of the entry.
  • For reference or contemplation of the material, purchase the ebook version(s) and use your device’s built-in highlighting and note-taking features.

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