Lessons From The Past

Working In A Coffee Shop

Working In A Coffee Shop

MELBOURNE, FL — #LivingIt #Surrender

February 28, 2015 9:59 AM

After looking in on Mom to see how her second bionic eye is doing after her cataract surgery (“Good”), I drove to find a place to get some writing done. On the way, I spotted a woman awkwardly riding a bike too short for her height, and seeing her struggling with it, it reminded me of the time I rode across the town of Eugene, OR on a miserable folding bicycle during the stressful and miserable Trials of the Big Black Box Truck of 2010. What a nightmare I was living back then! It’s amazing how much easier my life has become since I’ve made Surrender my primary directive—to cease trying, to cease resisting, and to just flow with Life. Why did it take me so long to learn this?

Speaking of Life-lining-up-when-you-surrender, I saw an article today which states that after their brutal, record breaking Winter, the Northeast should be blessed with a warmer than normal Spring. Perfect! Just in time for my travels. I’m a very lucky man.

Peter from Melbourne Australia suggested that before I hit the road again, that I drop in on Swami Abhayananda who may be living here in Florida (though I saw elsewhere that he may be living in Washington state). In researching his background, I found some books of his that look quite interesting. This gives me even more stuff to read! I swear I’ve got at least a dozen books that I’m either in the middle of or have queued up in my Kindle-hopper.

I believe I will try to contact him. In an all-day review of his works yesterday, he comes across as quite transparent about his former life, some of which was quite controversial. (At great personal cost, he “outed” his abusive guru.).

I’m always interested in talking to Mystics who—as Abhayananda obviously does—walk the talk.

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