Looking Through the Gate

Crowds At The Apple Store

Crowds At The Apple Store

ORLANDO, FL — #Emptiness #FourthWall #Technique #VanDwelling

January 25, 2015 12:57 PM

I received the following from Michelle last night:

Sitting here contemplating after meditation and the Eyes (Witness state—wgw) came back. Everything I do or say coming under the eye. Then I started to see myself so intensely, realizing that nothing I do is not being witnessed and watched (or else I can’t know that it happened) that I had one of those almost-seeing-it flashes that kind of shook everything.

To which I replied:

Excellent. Whenever you really feel the Witness/Eye (copy this somewhere so you’ll be ready)…

Examine the Michelle Martin thing. Notice it is only a collection of thoughts. Thoughts of the past, thoughts about emotions, thoughts about traits and worries, thoughts about the future. Just a bunch of Hortons. No more real than a cartoon elephant.

Each time you see one of these Hortons, pull it away and drop it (just as you pull away the portal of Radiance).

Every time you feel the Michelle Martin thing coming back in, pull it away and drop it.

All boundaries, all control, all self-experiences. Pull them away and drop them.

When the Witness/Emptiness state is deeply felt, this is an ideal time to see through the illusion of the personal self.

Rather than try to figure out who or what you are, I find it more practical to just see and drop anything about Wayne Wirs that I can see. If you can see/experience it, it can’t be You.

4:41 PM

I picked up my laptop this afternoon in Orlando. Instead of heading straight back to Melbourne, I took a route directly east and am now in Titusville. Not sure where I’ll sleep tonight, but at the moment, I’m hiding in plain sight—camouflaged at a quiet Publix under construction (an advantage to having a rig that looks like a commercial truck).

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One thought on “Looking Through the Gate

  1. No doubt we are all so the same…at the relative level as the Absolute Level…going back and fort like the pendulum…and so hard not to since we are dragging this shell of a body and all its sensory organs!! When you so wisely advise to drop any thought/image of the personal self…I will add: the need to drop the whole world and our relationships to it…for if one is not real the rest or the effects coming from that one personal self ARE NOT REAL AS WELL…and that my friend is the crux of the Path of Awakening…to get to the point of no return to space and time as we know it. Otherwise we keep coming swinging and dancing in the shadows of illusion, as much reality as we want to give them so the ego self can survive!!!
    Much love and serene wanderings in your van dwelling…I am starting today or tomorrow in my own van dwelling for some time…and the great freedom that comes with it…BUT I felt the pangs of fear coming to curtail and sabotage my happiness in the way of the possibility of breakdowns or mechanical failures on the road, away from civilization…but a price to pay until I work on changing those fear thoughts of danger in the adventure to toughts of serenity and joy no matter what comes along…so far is working and i am happy to report they have subsided.

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