Michelle And The Castle

Michelle In The Castle

Michelle In The Castle

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April 11, 2015 9:13 AM

Michelle and I have been exchanging emails for nearly five years: from June 2010 where she first asked for some advice, through my keeping her as my only “student,” to her gaining proficiency in the Radiance quality, and up through the awakening of the Divine within.

Yesterday, I met Michelle for the very first time and together, we had an experience that felt so deeply profound and sacred as to merit right up there with the three owls.

We spent about five or six hours together yesterday (far too much happened to relate in a single post so maybe Michelle will write more of these events and insights on her blog), but what I want to share is what happened in the Castle.

After getting comfortable with each other, Michelle took me to what she called “The Castle,” (90% sure this is it), an old stone structure, falling into ruins with surprisingly beautiful works of graffiti art inside. Normally I’d find graffiti on such a structure obscene, but the light and the energy and the oddly positive nature of the art (and I do consider these examples, art), added to the spirit of the place—to a strong sense of the building feeling wonderfully alive.

Light is everything to me, to both the photographer and the Mystic, and the Light in there couldn’t have been more perfect: diffused and indirect and reflective. Fortunately I did not bring my camera (I only had my phone) or I would have missed the experience of the place, focusing instead on taking photos.

We stepped through a little door and came to what had become a small, natural atrium with a few trees stretching upward toward the open sky above.

In the center of this “atrium,” poking up from the ground, was what looked on first glimpse like the remains of a dead sapling, but on closer examination revealed new, green growth.

The effect of the Light and the opening and the sapling “come back to life” had almost the same effect on me as an archeologist stumbling across the Holy Grail in a cavern—like a holy symbol illuminated by a misty shaft of sunlight.

Before I could stop myself, I/She/We said, “Do you want me to do that energy thing now?” and Michelle responded she did. I (but I mean I/She/We) asked her to grab hold of the sapling and though my mind said to hold my hand on top of her head, I took her head in my hands, touched my forehead to her’s and said, “Open, open, open,” meaning her forehead…

And as my forehead “opened,” I felt the back of my head open and TaoGodHer flow down from above, through my head and into Michelle. After what may have been seconds (or minutes, who knows?) I/She/We lifted my head and kissed her forehead to “seal” the Light in.

And then I was back.

But that’s not the part I wanted to relate. I’ve gotten used to Her moving through this me-thing. That, as powerful as it was, wasn’t the part that humbled me.

I turned away, a little embarrassed (I’m a Mystic, but I’m a rational Mystic and energy work is kind of uncomfortable for me still), and I noticed a hole in the far wall, a hole about a foot in diameter with the painting of an eye around the hole-as-an-iris.

I walked over and looked through the hole/eye into another mysterious room. On the far wall was a “graffiti” portrait, a beautiful portrait of a woman, and I thought “Huh!” and I stepped back and Michelle came over to look through and then I saw two things that shook me:

  • The woman in the portrait had red hair (Michelle has red hair) and I’m looking at Michelle’s red hair as Michelle is looking at the portrait (though the eye in the wall), and…
  • I notice that someone had painted a third-eye on the portrait of the woman’s forehead, exactly in the spot where Michelle and I had just touched foreheads and shared the Light.

The odds are too outrageous. We hadn’t been in that room, or seen it or even knew it was there, and yet there is was, a portrait painted on the wall—possibly years ago—by some unknown artist of a woman with red hair and a glowing third-eye.

I know it’s hard to believe these ongoing “little miracles” that I constantly post about, but in this case Michelle and I both experienced this synchronicity, this mysterious and profound act of God, together.

I’m still in awe of it. I swear I took a photo of the portrait of the young, red-headed woman with the glowing third eye, and yet when I checked my phone later, it wasn’t there.

This morning, Michelle and I exchanged the following emails (emphasis mine):


I was meditating this morning outside under a tree and made a slight modification to the bubble tube meditation that came to me in the moment. Whenever I came to a block, identifying the belief behind it and asking, why are you still holding onto that belief? Until it seems false, like a house of cards, evaporates, and the bubble can move forward. I think I’ll ask myself that a lot when these blocks come up through the day.

In the meditation, I also got a jolt of oneness. I had been feeling out that oneness you were pointing out to me, last night and this morning, and there was a very beautiful moment when it all clicked that, of course, everything is one. Everything is of that energy. A momentary insight but I’ll work with it.

Slept like a baby last night, by the way. Still tired, but that is probably from the virus.


re Meditation: Good. Stick with it. A house of cards is very accurate, it can’t stand up against the Light-As-You.

re Oneness: Wonderful. Open, open, open. Remember to eat your fruit! 🙂

re Sleep: My forehead ached all night and I tossed and turned (very unusual for me). Pain was gone this morning. (WGW NOTE: My forehead, after doing the energy/Light thing, felt like it had been hit by a golf ball.)

Working on my blog post of The Castle. I was surprised when I looked in my phone that I did NOT take a photo of the portrait of the woman with the third eye (I swore I did). Was her hair really red or was I just imagining it? Still in awe of the whole thing.


It was DEFINITELY red. I remember looking back at it a few minutes later to make sure. And I remember asking you to take the picture. If you would like a picture of it (I would) I can go back and check sometime.


Don’t go out of your way (and don’t go alone if you don’t feel safe), but next time you’re there, it would be cool. I’d include the hole in the wall (with the surrounding eye) with the portrait visible through the hole, but that may not be possible. Like I say, the whole experience had such a sacred quality to it that I question my memory of the eye, portrait, third-eye.

I hope I can do it justice in today’s post.

[Edit: Here a photo that Michelle took later. Of interest: The castle was soon boarded up after we visited it (almost like She left it open for us) and Michelle said she was lucky to get a photo of the portrait through the cracks in the newly erected boards.]

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