Evidence of the Soul. Shadow Material. Three Things To Remember.

Two Trees

Two Trees

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01/05/2015 12:51 PM

Reader Robert, who’s a professor in his college’s department of medicine, sent me a photocopy of a magazine article by Dr. Jeffrey Long (a medical doctor), which led me to Long’s book on near death experiences (NDEs): Evidence of the Afterlife.

Long presents nine “lines of evidence” (common patterns) found in NDEs which make for some very compelling evidence that the Soul is, ironically, a fact of Life.

I’m a big fan of evidence—and evidence that says we live forever…? Well who doesn’t love that?

An odd thing that struck me right in the beginning of the book—a description of the Life Review process: It seems the purpose of the review isn’t about what happened to us as much as it is about how our actions affected others (not me-me-me, but us-us-us).

It surprised me how hard this struck me and I immediately thought of how I am often accused of being too sure of myselftoo assertive—and this hard attitude often puts the listener/reader on the defensive. It’s this “cocky hard edge” quality that feels distinctly unspiritual to me. A shadow trait no doubt. (Not surprisinglyMichelle is dealing with some serious shadow issues at the moment also.)

That hard edge of mine (assertiveness) is the Dark Archetype of self-centeredness/self-protection/self-concern embedded deep in my psyche—the elimination of which is a key reason I started this journal. That self-righteous little bastard’s a pain in my butt and I want him outta here, dammit!

Having a shadow trait brought to light—and seeing it for what it is—is very, very useful for spiritual growth and ultimately integration. In this case, integrating knowledge and wisdom WITH compassion and empathy. I want to #Remember this: To be constantly aware of how my words and actions are affecting others.

2:59 PM

As I read the last two paragraphs, it appears they are contradictory—one says I want to be rid of self-stuff (self-concern, etc.), the other says I need to integrate it.

Yet both of these statements seem true. They feel true—and since they were written spontaneously, this indicates She was involved in their writing. (Mystic or nut-job? You decide.)

[Thinking. Waiting.]

It’s the Paradox again. The self—even this damn primal, repressed, shadow self—seems to be an illusion that arises from taking the Separation side of the Paradox too seriously.

Both Oneness and Separation (archetypes) are equally true, but taking the Separation personally and seriously—as a me-identity (it’s me therefore it’s important therefore I take it seriously)—is what leads to self-concern, et al..

So what I’m saying in the second-to-last paragraph above is that I want to rid my ???… conditioning, from taking the self/Separation side so seriously.

I want to #Remember this: The self arises from taking the Separation too seriously.


The Paradox…. Separate AND One….

To surrender to the Divine (the goal of this phase of my life) isn’t to merge with Her (lose and deny the Separate), but—just like two lovers in the throes of passion—it is to make love to Her: To flow with, dance with, and embrace Her. To be separate AND one with Her.

I want to #Remember this: To live as if you are in an intimate relationship with God (I know they’re going to burn me at the stake, I just know it).

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3 thoughts on “Evidence of the Soul. Shadow Material. Three Things To Remember.

  1. Hi there! This may sound harsh, but it’s my experience…


    Pray the
    remedy for
    your lack
    of knowledge
    and belief
    in the
    reality and
    absolute value
    of the
    soul does
    not necessitate
    contracting or
    even encountering
    but briefly
    a vacuous
    opportunistic and
    proudly parasitic
    “human” virus.


  2. Wayne, I don’t know why I posted that poem. I hadn’t read that many of your posts until tonight. I’m learning a lot.

    My first waking introduction to a shadow entity was in 1986. I’d somehow lucked upon a Roberto Assagioli psyhosynthesis journal, never having heard of him but attracted by the title. I read some stuff and then did a little exercise. It was suggested to use the circle (lol) provided to draw the inner self. I drew a solid lump with the suggestion of a head and shoulders. It didn’t fill the circle. I was with child (irony I’m just seeing) and rocking in a large arc. I was thinking about the drawing. I already had the concept of the inner child (little girl) from some co-dependence literature. My eyes were closed. I rocked back and during the next forward motion I visually felt that dark silhouette lean out of my chest and then fall back into me on the motion back. I was not happy at her “appearance.”

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