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Camp Cleansed

Camp Cleansed

FLAGSTAFF, AZ — #FourthWall #Soul #Technique #VanDwelling

June 13, 2015 12:30 PM

I tossed the plastics into a trash bag and built a bonfire from the remaining wood out of the garbage some anonymous camper had left behind. The night was dark and cool and the flames grew to a height of over six feet.

Ah, if it were only so easy to burn away self-centered thoughts.

I wrote of another technique—a hands-on technique, a technique of living as a Soul—back in July of 2012.

Read the evidence I present and the books I recommend and in a few weeks (or however long it takes you to finish the books), you’ll see yourself from a higher, softer perspective.

When you truly see yourself as a Soul, there will be less of you and more of all these wonderful benefits.

Reading a few books that could change your life? That’s pretty easy.

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2 thoughts on “More On Suffering Less

  1. Regarding your recommend book list: for those who don’t need more evidence of life after death I recommend Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls by Dr Michael Newton because they focus on what you do between lives to learn from the last one and plan for the next. The effect on me of reading these books was to firmly ground everyday awareness in the Eternal quality.

  2. I am reading your recommended books and you are right. I AM seeing myself from a softer and higher perspective! Thank you for making these downloads free…so very generous. I live on a disability income, but will happily remember you in next month’s budget.

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