The Sentinel of the Bardo Plain

The Sentinel of the Bardo Plain


April 16, 2015 8:08 AM

My buddy Glenn Morrissette seems to be having a bit of an online existential crisis. He’s feeling the need for a clean slate—maybe a new message—but in trying to address his readers’ concerns, he’s finding it difficult to actually impliment it.

Obviously long-time readers know how I dealt with this change of focus: I just created a new blog.

But what exactly changed so much as to deserve the online equivalent of the nuclear option: the change of a domain name?

In conversations with others, I’ve offered various explanations: Focus on Divine Union; Focus on my inner development ; Focus on sharing rather than teaching, …). None of these explanations seem quit complete though.

This change in focus for a “spiritual teacher” is actually pretty rare. Once they announce to the world their “message,” it’s pretty hard to change said message. Ken Wilber comes to mind (he calls his older stuff Wilber I, Wilber II, …) and Adyashanti to a lesser extent (announcing his message at the Transcendent Self level, then shifting to his No-Self level), but most teachers seem to get stuck at wherever they “announced” themselves enlightened at (ie: The recognition of Emptiness and thus the focus on Emptiness).

Me? Sensing something profound had changed—having lots of theories but not really knowing the truth of it—I started a new blog. But now, after six months, just what was the core change?

Did my message change? No, I don’t think so. Looking back, my message has remained largely the same: The less there is of you, the more there is of Her. I keep refining the techniques and discovering new insights, but my message has remained pretty stable.

So back to the question that started this post: What changed in me that impelled the change in my online presence?

Not surprisingly, Michelle hit it on the head in her recent blog post (emphasis mine):

(Wayne) has hardly any concern for himself anymore. Even though he could die if he runs out of money, he doesn’t care about money! At some point, a beggar came up and asked us for some change. Without hesitation, Wayne put his hand in his pocket and gave the man the first bill he felt, which he thought was $5.  He approached any decision with the same non-concern.

These blogs—my day-to-day diaries—represent my state of beingMy previous blog (my “Wayne 1” state of being), reflected a time when I was still attached to my message (subtly most the time, but as with the NonAbusers fiasco, not so subtly).

The key difference in my current state of being is simply a deep sense of non-attachment, or as Michelle described so clearly, a lack of concern (non-concern). Wayne was attached to results, his message, to making a living. Non-attachment. Wayne has (almost) no self concern (for what may happen, for acceptance of his message, or for making a living, …).

Thanks Michelle, for clarifying what wasn’t clear to even me. And thanks Glenn, for inspiring this post.

I hope each of you find your way.

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One thought on “Non-Concern

  1. Be careful not to confuse self preservation and surrender. She has great interest or concern for you because it is thru you Awareness comes into the world. You are “lucky” and synchronicity happens to allow that to happen. You must sense that when Love flows thru you everything is as it should be, regardless of circumstances. She is “happy”. The feeling of lack of concern is probably the lack of fear.There is no fear in awareness, and the more you experience it the less fear in you.

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