Northwest It Is Then

Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad

FERNANDINA BEACH, FL — #VanDwelling #Emptiness

March 21, 2015 6:41 PM

I said my goodbyes to my folks, hopped in the van and followed US 1 north. I drove farther than I like, over 200 miles, but I wanted to escape the heat that’s been dogging me lately (and my refrigerator and thus my batteries).

As I drove, I monitored my inner peace level and how dramatically it would swing in respect to my surroundings: An inspirational song would leave me feeling deeply connected to TaoGodHer, while an aggressive and obnoxious city driver would awaken an almost animalistic anger.

This simple exercise seemed to offer an answer to something that’s been gnawing at me lately: Once out of Florida, should I head northeast or northwest?

Our surroundings have a powerful effect on our emotional state of being. Though I’d like to explore some parts of the northeast further, my past experiences have often left me frustrated. Frustration is useful for helping spiritual seekers learn to see their thoughts and emotions (dis-identify with them), but I haven’t experienced thoughts or emotions as me for a long time (they often contract me, but they aren’t me).

No. What I’m yearning for is Peace… some peaceful and pleasant places conducive to writing.

Northwest it is then.

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