November 17, 2014

The Light Behind

The Light Behind

MORRISTOWN, AZ #MiracleLog #Surrender … and an unexpected change in plans.

8:40 AM

The purpose of the bold text is to make it easy to scan these long posts. I don’t expect you to read every word or every paragraph. I do the bolding for as much my benefit as yours.

On another note, as I mentioned yesterday, I want to watch/listen to that song I See You as a daily reminder of the Divine incarnate and my desire to feel one with Her. A few minutes ago I did just that, but—instead of watching the video—I sat and stared out at the desert as the wind would make the limbs on the bushes and the stalks of the grass sway and pulsate while the early morning sunlight danced across the leaves.

I see you…

That melody of the song, the meaning of the song, combined with the visuals of the real world were beautiful. They were inspiring.

I’ll have to do that more often.

2:13 PM

I didn’t really need supplies, but I found myself breaking camp for some unknown reason (ala the trait as mentioned in yesterday’s entry). Just before I started the engine, I get an email from Mom saying Dad needs some work done on his heart (he’s 80) and she needs some cataract surgery and is only comfortable driving in places she’s familiar with and I wondered if maybe I should head to FL for the winter. (Note: My brother lives 3 hours south of them by car, 45 minutes by his nifty little plane, so they aren’t without some family support.)

I had planned to head down there for next winter.

I refilled my water cans and purchased some supplies in Wickenburg, then tried to find the camp I had stayed at during the winter of ’09 but missed it by about 5 miles. Oddly, no one else is camped out here so I’m wondering if they (you know, “them”) don’t allow camping on state lands anymore. Plenty of primitive fire rings—which is usually a good sign—so I’ll stay at least the night and see if I have a clearer picture of what my next moves are going to be.

3:30 PM

After a short walk, after contemplating the enormity of the “coincidence” (I started this blog a few days ago and it is all about my willingness to surrender my life to Her and then this comes up), I came to the obvious conclusion that I’m to head back to Florida once again. I think this is the fourth unexpected time in five years. At least this time around it is during the pleasant winter months rather than the miserably humid summers, so I’m grateful for that.

Surrender your will to me, Wayne.

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3 thoughts on “November 17, 2014

  1. I am glad you decided to head back home and see your parents. At that age, you never know when it may be the last time you see them. Safe travel.

  2. Wayne hi
    It’s Carmen again, can’t help it but to ask you…why do you need to go away in isolation to surrender to Her?
    Isn’t surrendering the realizing that life (could be Her) just happens through us and that all there is to it is that we conciously cooperate and just flow? I ‘m a little confused…willingness and surrender don’t go along. What do you think Wayne?
    Hope the best for you and your parents
    Thanks for being there for us,
    (Sorry…English is not my vernacular)

  3. Hmmm
    I have mixed feelings about your decision and my own plans for this month. ..
    I was kinda feeling like we might meet up before Thanksgiving. Don’t know why but then there are lots of those things that make me go hmmm….what are the Great One’s plans anyway?
    Then my stuff changed well is changing. …and I offered my new to me Vintage (older) Scamp for sale. ..I think Bob’s doing a post about it. …and repairs to the van and why am I in Ehernberg. ..I don’t even like Ehernberg…..and I wanted a different situation for Turkey Day. …and
    It could all change just like the wind so I will again as often embrace the unsettledness of wondering as I let it all go
    Into the will of the “her” as you call it with wishes in prayerful attitude for the best for the many and kewl peaceful adventures for me and my friends.
    Go where you are led in peace

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