November 19, 2014

Gazing Skyward

Gazing Skyward

OUTSIDE MAGDALENA, NM #VanDwelling #HealingThing

8:04 AM

It was bitterly cold in the van this morning. While I was warm in bed (the new comforter is much better than the old one), the air temperature in the rig was in the low thirties. Once the heater kicked in, it was comfortable, but it did make me reconsider my plan to head up to Show Low and eastward along US 60 (higher elevation = colder temps).

I did the healing thing a few more times last night, focusing on my father’s bad heart valve. I’ve found myself doing an odd thing in preparation. Though I’ve never been a student of chakras (and quite skeptical of them I’ll add), I end up visualizing (and this is going to sound really weird) two hinges, one on the side of my hip and one on the side of my head and I swing them open and everything inside me falls out the open “butt hinge” and Light fills this hollow body-tube through the open “head hinge” and it burns away and cleanses any clinging matter and “me” stuff.

Only then do I do the healing thing (in this case, I visualize myself inside my father’s heart and patching up the faulty valve using this Light stuff).

I’ve never read this in any How To Be a Mystic manual, it just comes spontaneously. Weird, I know.

Please don’t have me committed.

4:26 PM

I took the road to Show Low and I’m glad I did. It’s a beautiful route. Once up on the Mogollon Rim though, there were snow patches so I continued eastward to a place I’d camped before, a little spot east of the Very Large Array project which, being lower in elevation should be warmer tonight.

Even though where I’m camped is quite isolated, a truck just drove by my van, stopped for a moment, then turned around and drove off (I’m camped on a dead end). I would say that 90% of the time, when I first pull into a dispersed campsite—no matter how isolated the camp is—a truck pulls up within a half hour then drives off. Then no one comes by for the rest of my stay. Never a problem. Never anything dark or sinister, just some guy either looking for a camp or…? I’ve never gotten a bad vibe from them or anything. It’s gotten to the point that I expect it. “Oh, here’s my welcome-to-your-new-camp visitor.” Weird but true.

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2 thoughts on “November 19, 2014

  1. Some of us use breathing methods to clear out the blockages, others use visualization. Hinges are a good visualization. Makes sense.

  2. The hinge meditation sounds different, but also very similar to a meditation experience i have had. The light is poured into the head and gladually illuminates the body cleansing all dark areas, there is a sense of an opening where the crown chakra is positioned. There are differences however your description reminds me of that experience. To add it is not something i have experienced once it has happened multiple times while meditating.

    Something i have been trying lately and found really good for chakra meditations are Tibetan Singing Bowl audios for all and individual chakras. There are audios(videos) on youtube that run through the 7 main chakra points over roughly a hour and also small(roughly 10 minute) meditations that focus on each chakra. When i’ve researched chakras in the past it has always sounded like a good idea to start at the root and work your way up. As a very inaccurate description the root chakra is the base that you connect to the physical/mortal realm and the crown is your connection to the divine/higher realms. To further that there are hand signs associated with each chakra, i have a piece of paper on my desk with them written(drawn) down. When i found that information it was strongly recommended not to do the crown meditation until reaching the thrid eye.

    Now i didn’t want to write all that into the comment but I just did.

    I pray for your families well being and that they get through it alright.
    Yahwah Bless Amen.

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