November 21, 2014

I Want To Believe - Agent Mulder

I Want To Believe – Agent Mulder

EAST OF ROSWELL, NM #Soul #Radiance #Emptiness … and a simplified view.

7:40 AM

In letting go of the personal, what is left? The transpersonal: The Soul (Eternal), Love (Radiance), the Source (Emptiness).

Years ago I let go of the higher personal—the ego story. Now my practice is to let go of the lower personalself-concern.

Seeing it this way simplifies things for me. Surrendering to God is very abstract, yet surrendering self-concern is very concrete. Ultimately they are the same thing. The less there is of self-concern, the more there is of the Divine within.

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6 thoughts on “November 21, 2014

  1. I’ve only just found your videos and blogs so apologies if you’ve already explained this somewhere else, but why hold on to the duality? You and Her?
    If, as it seems to me, we are limitless awareness and everything we perceive/sense/infer is within that awareness, where does the Other/Her come into it. Or if She is arising in awareness then is there any division?

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